Chapter 8

Arianna Reynolds

"Rise and shine," I heard the annoying screech of Anna. 

" Get out girl!" I huffed digging my face deeper into the pillow. I had been the worst addict of oh my, oh my comfy mattress. And the last incidents of the jerk with magical grey orbs drove my beauty sleep far away from my reach. When I hardly showed signs of getting up from my lovely bed Anna jumped onto me like a junglee. My poor figure cocooned underneath my fluffy duvet felt like crumbling under a giant truck. This witch I called myself as my bestie was lying on my back with her face leaning onto my covered ears. I knew what was gonna happen the next moment. Precautioned I turned on my back with all my energy, and started hitting this terrible goose with my pillows. I was whining like a kid in a half sleepy state. My hits turned aggressive when she was laughing like a hyena.

" Hey! Gi

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