Chapter 10

Damon King

I was restless with the past night's incidents. Her fragrance was lingering around me, reminding me of her closeness and her angry cute face. There was this surprising warming up of my heart this night. Never in my life have I plopped onto my bed without a shower here I am rolling on my bed with a massive grin. Unexplained happiness crashing at me in waves, pleasure seeping my veins. 

I usually never hit my bed without a shower because I spend most of my nights screwing girls. I detested getting to bed with a girl's scent roaming all over me. To have my sheets smell like them, I never get to bed without shower. Their perfume around me made me puke. It's weird to know that out of all the girls I screwed I wanted the scent of the girl who punched me. The arrogant teenager's fragrance calmed my irked insides. There was warmth when I inhaled her scent. Sleep never invites me in without pills but today

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