Chapter 14

Arianna Reynolds

"Noah? What are you doing here?" I asked him, surprised and he looked ghosted when he saw me at the doorstep. 

"Ar-Arianna? What a surprise?" he spoke with a smile. 

A forced one? I shrugged the thoughts briskly.

"The feeling is mutual, Noah. The purpose of my visit was to check on Anna. Is Anna here?" I replied calmly, and entered through the main door as he gave room for me to walk in.

"Anna? Right, Anna. She didn't know that you would come, isn't it?" He chuntered with a nervous smile painting his face.

"Where is she ---- my words were cut off when I heard Anna screech," Ari! Y-you h-here?"

She walked out of the room that was in the corner to my left. Closing the door towards me she took hesitant steps.

I walked towards her and gave

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