Chapter 15

" He is our senior and you do know him. But do me a favour, don't ask me who he is right now. Will let you know when I ball up and confess it to him. For now it isn't serious," she ranted.

" Why were you acting up in the past week ?"

"He is my brother's best friend. So I'm kinda worried how it would end,"she confessed with her lowered eyes.

"Hold on! Kindly tell me who are his friends? I have no clue about them," I queried, perplexed.

" I- yo--- her sentence was hanging in the air because Levi banged her door with his obnoxious yell," We don't have all day, Anna. It's not your date night with your college sweetheart. Get out soon."

"I'll be back!" she exclaimed before she ran inside the washroom. I sighed, and reclined back onto the chair. Something had been messing with Anna lately and that seems clear as day.

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