Chapter 16


What can go wrong after I avoid her like plaque? Or in other words, after punishing myself for ever thinking of her? These thoughts were running like a marathon inside his head. He focussed on music to relieve his stress but in heavens, he couldn't get it out with her. She was deeply anchored in the depth sea of his dreams. Dreams of the night when he held her in his arms for the first time. The pull he felt with her was arduous and fervent that he woke in the middle of the night craving for her scent to surround him. Just to hug her to sleep. She was the odds that ever existed in his life. Choices that would be left hanging if he were to choose. The wildest phantom of his mind was Arianna. Reaching her shade was a path that was never existing in the first place. She was the sky and he was one among the dreamers yearning to see the deep secrets of the dark, mysterious, dangerous, and vastness of the sky that was withheld.

The girl made him lose his head in a labyrinth of emo
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