Chapter 17


"Cheers Anna!" they all replied in chorus. Waving her hands to the boys she walked back to her seat. Arianna was engrossed in her phone. Sensing the seat that was occupied next to her, Arianna looked up at her and smiled.

"You should do all your business at home Anna. You are not a kid anymore. Wandering for toilets when we go out. I was about murder the girls for being too loud" Arianna grunted to Anna.

"I missed you too!" Anna bluffed, side-hugging her best friend. Anna gave her a cheesy snake in return making Arianna shake her head.

"When will the boys start?!" Arianna queried looking at the now-empty stage. Many techies were roaming. The stage had 4 mics and many cameras rolling. The girls were chatting about the boy's name. It was never-ending.

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