Chapter 2

Damon King

Parking my Lambo in the college parking lot of my university campus, I slipped out with my sunglasses on. As soon as I set my foot out, girls hollard my name, making me smirk. The crowd could easily make out it was none other than Damon King, who had his very own squad for escort. I made my way inside with lots of girls escorting me. They were squealing upon seeing me, while I just passed them an arrogant smirk. Girls never change. That was the attention I got wherever I went. I don't have to try anything to make girls sweat over my presence, just one look from me to make them worship the place I walk.

Of course they will, because it's ME, Damon King. The guy who could get anything in a snap of his fingers. My feet moved on it's own towards the assembly hall. The hall was a ruckle as today is our Annual fest. I saw my lads with fangirls all over them. My steps halted before I could join them. A feminine voice stopped my moments and made me turn towards her with a smile.

"Damon, you are here, " chimmed Mrs.Meirs.

Averting my gaze towards the woman in her mid fifties, I gave her a warm smile. She is the Principal of Kings Medical College where I am pursuing my Masters in Cardiology. Yes, it's the King's very own college. Not only because my dad is one of the board of directors in the university, but with my brain I charmed her, making a spot for my very own self.

We both were indulged in a conversation regarding the medical field. And I can bet my life, you can never have a conversation with her until you have knowledge about flying ants to launch spacecraft. A woman with a great mind and astonishing intelligence, who has the capacity to make you swab yourself if you mess with her.

Nonetheless, it would not be astonishing when you realised the fact why I am her favourite. I top the charts with distinction.

All the squeals around me stopped and the sudden stillness made Mrs.Meirs avert her attention from me. When you are surrounded with girls, silence or calmness is the least you can ever expect. I creased my brows when a huge grin appeared on her Mrs. Meirs glowing face. There was nobody in this college to whom she would afford to give her million- dollar smile except me, the last time I checked. She is the most strict Professor in our college and not easily outgoing. Turning around, I espied at the person who made the hardcore strict Professor smile. The smile once adoring my face vanished when my eyes catch a sight of her.

It's her.  Aria Reynolds. The stunningly gorgeous beauty of our college.

My stance grew guarded as the mocking queen was all in her glory in front of me. She scrutinised her gaze at me and showed her pearls when she eyed Mrs. Meirs.

The chamber that was once filled with shrills and squeaks were filled with murmurs now. The credit holder to shut the mouth of my fangirls is her, Miss Bossy, who is now chatting with Mrs.Meirs.

Within a year of joining college she had every Professor wrapped around her little finger. Being in her very own comfortable shell, she was luring everyothers with her innocence. Even a lunatic can identify when he stares at her for a second. She became the apple in everyone's eye, in ease. Though she isn't someone who would share her beautiful smile or have a talk unless at work, you can't deny looking at her when she passes by. She always has her poker face and intimidating aura that makes everyone frit to have a talk with her. Her one glare is enough to put the whole place shut. It's like she bores holes into their head with her laser eyes. She is a girl with whom you never wanna mess with even in your worst nightmare.

Trust me, she can eat your brain when you argue with her.

She has killer looks and a petite figure, with dark silky jet black hair till her waist. The doe orbs which lights when she smiles can get you drugged for hours. Her small soft lips look more delicious than any dessert. Though I haven't tasted them, they look ravishing. All these are enough to bring any guy to her feet but she wasn't like any other playgirls around. Just like I hate girls she has a similar kind of disliking towards guys.

And like always, how I top the list in everything I do...

I am in the first position of her *Hating Guys List*.( A proud smirk )

Not Bad. She also maintains her first position though...

Wanna know the reason for my hate ???

She easily stole the limelight away from me with her presence.

Do you really reason this out for your hate? Attacked my innervoice.

When all the girl's attention was on me she is the only one who has my attention always on her without even trying. Lucky isn't she?

And, we have history!

That's the real reason mate, mocked my brain again.

The conversation between Me and Mrs.Meirs was long forgotten.

Without realising I was slowly taking her in. She had that attractive doe black orbs that can entice anybody. It was like that of the black hole where once you get sucked you'll never be able to come back. Her soft silky hair locks that keep swinging on her temple and shoulder are tempting to play with and the cherry on top is her innocent dripping face. She is the only girl who can still talk in my presence, as if it were another girl we would have some business.

 And, I promise on Eros that I don't have any sort of liking towards her.

Yeah! Damon, you surely don't, mocked my brain.

Stop gawking at her like a caveman. Stop giving her the vibes you being the mindless creep, stalking her. I huffed in annoyance when she disturbed my entire thoughts integrity just as she walked.

I really could not believe she punched me on my handsome face a year back. Isn't she high on drugs?

Mrs.Meirs asked, "Are you ready for the debate Damon?" making me come out of my trance.

"Uh...yeah," I replied after a second, taking the scene into my head.

Damn Me!!! I forgot about my debate. Not a problem, I am Damon King I can manage.

" Sounds like a show. Break a leg, both of you," saying that Mrs. Meirs took her departure.

"All the best to lose Ms. Reynolds," I said cockily, making her turn her attention towards me as she turned to leave.

"Then you must wish yourself Mr. Jerk," she retorted without losing her cool. Her face remained calm like she knew I was being a jerk to her on purpose. With that she took her leave, not sparing me a glance.

"You always be a Brat Ria, " I mumbled under my breath watching her retreating figure.

Arianna Reynolds

I hear my bedroom door slam open, jolting me from my bed. It was My Mom and she seemed...Umm yeah, angry.

Add a VERY before that.

"It's a quarter past 7 Miss. Arianna Charlotte Reynolds and yet you are sleeping like a potato. Move your lazy ass out before I lose my last string of patience and yeet you out of your bed," threatened my mom in a dangerously low tone that made a shiver run down my spine.

I obediently nodded my head and ran away to the bathroom releasing the breath that I was holding without knowing. Scary momma!

1 hour before

"Morning my apple, wakeup sweetie," cooed my mom. She pushed the curtains to the side and let the morning rays of sun poke my eyes. The room lit up partly as it was still 6 in the morning.

I whined something in gibberish and she patted my head again saying "Dear, it's your annual fest today. You don't wanna be late, right." I sleepily nodded my head hearing her. She was right, it's my first year annual fest. I have been doing my second year but the thing is I didn't attend my first year's annual fest. And this time it was a strict order from my mom to attend. I was not a party person. I usually hate all the howls and loud noises so I ditched the fest last year. This time Mrs. Meirs, the college Principal, told my Mom personally that she wants me to take part in the fest.

"Momma...10 mins please," I cried dramatically.

Though I was with my closed eyes I could feel her smile.

"Listen dear, Momma will be busy ----"

"Yeah,it's ok. I, myself will wake and get ready after 10 mins. Now please let me sleep Mom," I huffed.

It was the start of december and moving out of my bed was the least I wanted right at the moment. Snuggling into my duvet I dived in more welcoming the warmth.

She nodded agreeing to my request as I practically looked like a silk moth. Warning me once again, she closed the door behind her.


I yawned and stretched my arms and lazily stood in the middle of the bathroom simply staring at the walls like I was in a coma for the last 10 years and this is the first time I have ever seen a bathroom in my entire life.

A loud bang on my bathroom door made me jump back into reality.

"Momma told you to come in 30 mins, if not no breakfast for you " yelled my monster brother Reece.

"Did she really say NO breakfast? " I asked him  with a special force on the word No. I gave a poker face to my brother as I waited for him to speak.

"No, she certainly didn't say that. Reading mom's thoughts, I rephrased them so that you lazy duck will come out soon," he said and ran out laughing.

This Moron!

I hurriedly did my morning routine and stepped out. I finished my breakfast hearing my mom chide me like a 5 year old, waking up late to ditch school. It would be a lie if I say I didn't pull any stunts to ditch school when I was young. Hehe! She knew me so well!

I took my Porsche and drove off to my college. The place seemed scary to me because all the girls were looking like Nachos dipped in makeup sauce. I could see the guys checking me out before my eyes could meet them. They averted their gaze from me. Idiots!

I made my way towards the main hall checking for Thea's messages. The howls and shrieks turned quiet as they all became aware of my presence. All the heads turned towards my direction eyeing me indently. *ATTENTION*. That was something that got on my nerves. The attention I received was not of adoration or happiness. It was exquisite jealousy and hatred over me for God knows what reason. And guys had this disgusting look of lust when I passed by them. Since I had been someone with, "Never mess with me until you want your own ruination," look that puts everyone at check. Nevertheless, the stares and gossips behind my back never ceased.

For Christ's sake! I guess God wrote Attention Arianna when he wrote my destiny.

Maybe that would be the reason, I am always being bestowed with the limelight wherever I go. Ignoring all the gawking eyes I turned towards Mrs. Meirs whose face lit up, when her gaze met mine. My favourite Professor as well as the Principal of the college. We had a small talk. My eyes landed on the person next to Mrs. Meirs, the person who can make my blood boil in seconds.

Damon King. Rude Jerk. He treats girls like used tissue. He insults them with each and every chance he gets. An arrogant male dominated person. Being nothing but an awful douche, girls never stopped falling for his charms. He was too attractive for his own good. He was a guy not only blessed with the best looks but grades. He was the university topper when he practiced his med degree. Now he is pursuing cardiology.

He was a guy who ruled each and every category from studies till sports and the number one badboy as well as a player in London. He is a guy who would bless your eyes with nauseous adult scenes when you pass the corridor. Lucky that I didn't see any of them, but definitely heard of them from Thea. She has quite a number of our seniors as her friends who she befriended last year. Unfortunately they were left heartbroken by him too. Thea loves hearing stories and of course she would not miss when he was someone who I detested with every fibre in my body.

If it wasn't for Thea, I would have not known about him. He is a mindblowing singer, reckless racer, and the best cricket team captain of our university. The moron possesses more abilities than one should. And one among them is breaking hearts. I would see at least 3 to 4 girls courting him in a week. He breaks relationships as pass time. 

How can you look at any guy when you are in love with a person already? And these shameless bitches, cheat on their boyfriends with him and go begging behind Damon like love sick puppies. I would rather blame the girls for being starved of physical attention than the connection of hearts. I ain't a relationship expert but looking at the guy's who were truly in love made me a tad bit sad about them.

And now he was looking at me with a gaze that I would not appreciate. He had been standing opposite to me and studying my face as I talked with Mrs. Meirs. All his fangirl girls in there shoot daggers my way as they saw their dream prince looking at a girl with so much intensity. And knowing them burning with jealousy and shallow thoughts, I over shadowed and stayed blind to his eyes. If it were the ones he would shoot at his chicks I would have prolly gouged his eyes out but it seemed like he was trying hard to look away and he could not.

After my conversation with Meirs I turned to leave." All the best to lose Ms. Reynolds," he said with a mocking smirk.

"Then you must wish yourself a jerk, " I said without losing my cool. I buried my urge to punch him and took my leave.

Didn't I say he is an arrogant jackass.

I should have punched him to blue and black, damn I missed my chance.

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