Chapter 3

Chapter 3

" Come on Damon, this was just a debate. And trust me mate, everyone else in the auditorium were talking only about you, cause when others would go off to another planet to have an argument with her, you lasted for 5 minutes," said Levi, making Damon shoot daggers his way.

He still can't get over the fact that he actually lost to Arianna Reynolds. The experience was very new and amusing to him that a girl actually won against him. Not any girl because it's Arianna. He wanted to hit himself with the rock because he could not apprehend his thoughts right at the moment. Her words rang in his ears though it's been more than an hour.

"Come on Damon, enlighten me with your feelings," she said, smiling at him. Though that smile was anything but sweet. He would rather tell it was mocking and taunting but still he felt strange tingles inside his heart. A part of him scolded himself for not prolonging the conversation. Talking with the mocking queen without her walking out on you, or worse throwing your hands on you for being a jerk, he enjoyed it to the last straw.

Being so used to Mr. Jerk, her calling him with his name, made him feel strange emotions. Trying hard to stop the small smile that was trying to peek he could not help it at all. Just as on cue her smiling face flashed in his mind that broke all his guards and made him smile like a lunatic. The lads shot him a confused look when he was smiling looking at the wall, shaking his head.

"Did it hurt his head so bad that he turned into a lunatic already?"

" Woah Arianna's victory turned him

to a lunatic,"

" I stan Arianna, she made my job easy. Now at least I could get some peace,"

" You mutheads, shut up before I punch you blue and black," threatened Damon. His eyes dark with anger and frustration. He was frustrated over his thoughts about her. Isn't he acting like a stuck up teenager? The fact that he was brooding over their conversation being ended soon and her just making him shut by just calling out his name with a smile on her lips, made him want to smack himself. Even now he was thinking about her smile. I bloody need help! Did I turn mute with the way my name rolled off her tongue?

Seriously Damon? God! Why is she intriguing me again and again!!! He excused himself from his friends and went to the back side of the campus.

Dropping down his legs, he laid flat on the grass that was grazed with slight dew drops. The high invested leather jacket and jeans stayed waterproof. The cold water droplets made contact with his head and palms gave him a feel of serenity. I could integrate my thoughts for now, he thought to himself. Closing his eyes he took in nature's soothing essence, something that would help him relax and pull himself off his thoughts.

He felt being dragged into a piece of memory. The sole intention of isolating himself was to collect himself from her thoughts but despite his attempts he was thinking about her.


"Levi, you'll be so dead if I don't find my niece now," spat Noah in anger.

"Mate, I swear, I made her sit here on this swing," replied Levi pointing at the swing where he made the little niece of Noah. It was a sunday morning and Noah and his friends were asked to babysit his elder sister's daughter Lily, by Noah's mom. Being the fun loving guys they were, they could not afford to spend the weekend sitting in a room with pink walls and barbie dolls. Lily being the active child, she made them play kitty parties and dress up games with them.

Being so done with the little toddler's tricks, they decided to get her to the nearby park. Making her play in the kids area they made themselves rule that when the 3 others play one should watch over Lily. Damon was the only one ruled out because he was terrible with kids. Noah was the first one to watch over Lily. The rest of the lads were playing football and frisbee. After 30 minutes Noah swapped with Theodore. Then it was Levi's turn to watch over Lily. Levi was a guy who had his legs tied with wheels. Staying and watching over this little girl made him sulk. So far Lily was quiet and happily playing over. Noah and Theo told him that she was a good child. So he bribed her with chocolates, to sit on the swing for the next 30 minutes and not move from there. He joined his friends and continued playing. Noah scolded him but knowing Levi he didn't mind. Lily was an obedient kid, so he trusted him.

Time flew and they decided to check on Lily and continue their game. When they returned back to the place they were shell shocked when they found the spot empty. Noah charged towards Levi, but stopped when Damon suggested they could look around. 

"Levi, you'll be so dead if I don't find my niece now," spat Noah in anger.

"Mate, I swear, I made her sit here on this swing," replied Levi pointing at the swing where he made the little niece of Noah.

" Let's look nearby or ask someone," said Theodare, making the rest nod.

None noticed the little girl.

Looking out for her for nearly 20 minutes, Noah lost in and tackled Levi down straight on the road and punched him yelling at him for his carelessness. Theo and Damon pulled them both away.

Noah looked at him with anger while Levi looked apologetic. Noah sat on the pavement of the street with an expression of aghast. He didn't know how he would say that he lost his 5 year old niece in the park. His sister would kill him and dump him down in the river.

They decided to return home, just in case Lily walked herself back home. But much to their disappointment, the place was empty. Theo suggested that they would file a confidential complaint regarding Lily. Levi accompanied Noah and Theo while Damon decided to stay home, what if Lily gets home on her own or roams in the nearby surroundings.

Damon was pacing in the porch thinking about Lily's disappearance. Just then he saw a girl walking into the gates with a little girl on his shoulder. When he observed the sleeping kid, he recognised it to be Lily, as the kid wore the familiar blue jeans with white top. The pink jumper she wore said it away, it was none other than Lily. He marched angrily towards the girl and yelled,"Hey! Stop!" making her stop in her tracks.

The girl turned around the source of sound and looked at him with a confused look. Her expression morphed into a look of knowing by the time she was face to face with him. Damon was baffled with the innocent beauty who stood carrying Lily. She was too hot and extremely innocent with her big brown orbs. Her black hair spread on her back added to her already stunning look, with the special effects offered by the sun making it glow like no other day.

"Excuse me? Were you daydreaming like this when you let this little girl be on her own ? You dare to Hey me," the girl spoke with fiesty making Damon throw his head back and laugh.

" You tiny human, I don't fight with toddlers. Better watch your mouth if you don't wan---- he was cut off by Arianna retording, " You supposedly crazy or acting up like one? When I am here helping you, you are being a douche?" making Damon stun with her choice of words. No girl ever in history spoke to him like this and yet this teen is yelling at his face. He wanted to threaten her so he spoke, " Woah! The nerve of you being a kidnapper and yet daring enough to throw your curses at me? My friends have gone to file a complaint. Thank the stars that I sav--- Damon was cut off by Lily squealing," Damon, you here? Why did you all get lost? Ari was the one to help me find you. Where are the others?," asked Lily innocently.

"Isn't he your uncle Noah?"

"No, he is his friend. And you were right, he is a duck!" she said giggling, making Damon fume. Arianna partly slapped herself for cursing in front of the kid, but sighed in relief when Lily could not actually register the word.

"Lemme see, how you get your candies Lily," sulked Damon like a 5 year old.

"Oh no!! Damon is not a duck!" she said, making him smirk.

" But you are a chicken," saying that Lily fled inside her home, as Arianna smirked at him this time. Now it was only Damon and Arianna who stood throwing daggers at each other.

"I wish to never meet you jerk," saying that Arianna took her leave. Damon called Noah to inform him about Lily.

Noah picked up the call on the 3rd ring.

" Lily is back home mate," said Damon calmly.

"What? How?" asked Noah, baffled.

" A hot kidnapper dropped Lily back home. Should say she was feisty and a brat," he complained about Arianna to Damon.

"Hot kidnapper? Would you mind being clear," yelled Noah with annoyance.

" I mean a hot teen dropped Lily back home," announced Damon.

" Where did she get her? Did you thank her?"asked Noah, agitated.

" She was a total brat man! You expect me to thank her? I lied to her that she was lucky that she did good by dropping Lily back home or else I would have filed a complaint against her," Damon said, smirking at his crazy threat.

 "On a scale of ten how stupid are you Damon King?," yelled Noah through his phone.

"What the crap Noah?" Roared Damon back at him.

" You seriously git Damon. Why the flying f-ck I left you back there. Idiotic mutthead," cursed Noah at his best friend. He didn't expect his best friend to be this dumb in anger.

" Woah man, chill out! You being a dick to me because of the hot kidnapper?" asked Damon in disbelief.

" If I were to kidnap her I would have prolly taken her to my place not here," Arianna spoke startling Damon. he turned his gaze towards her and looked at her with widened eyes and mouth agape. " I came here to return this ID card of Lily. And I promise I tried hard not to do it but you forced me to," Arianna spoke with livid but calm eyes. Damon's brows creased hearing her but before he could proceed further a strong punch was launched in his nose that made him throw back his head. It was not because it was too forceful but unexpected.

"Jerk," saying this Arianna left the place while Damon felt dizzy with the sudden impact of her tiny fist. There was a slight bruise near his nose.

"Arianna," he yelled in frustration.

That was the moment he knew she was trouble when she walked in.

He could never forget the way he was roasted by her nor the humiliation he felt after being hit by her. Lily was videotaping her journey of how the four boys got lost and how she saved Damon first with the help of her chocolate fairy Arianna. She couldn't videotape Ari before, suddenly when she came out to talk to Damon she saw Ari standing behind him, who was on call. Arianna didn't take notice of Lily nor did Damon.Soon the punch and every other thing was recorded in her cam. Giggling Lily took her cam and kept it safe till Noah came back home. Lily and Damon had always been at each other's throats.

Damon would hide her chocolates, break her barbies or worse call her a tomato. Lily wasn't an easy child. She would throw his phone into the pool, drop her crayon into his cereal bowl and use his t-shirts to wipe paints off the floor.

And it was her perfect chance to mock Damon. She showed it to the lads and they laughed their ass off. He mentally took note to teach the brat he met a lesson he passed the month. God had other plans for him that he saw the very same brat at his college at fresher's days. And beside him he saw a man, who was patting her head and pecking her forehead. He must be her dad and he seemed more than familiar. She took her leave after that but not before waving him goodbye like a kindergarten toddler. The sight was adorable. She didn't pay heed to anything after that but walked straight away. Pondering over the fact that she actually joined my college where I am doing my final year, he talked to himself. He flicked through the channel to divert my thoughts.  Suddenly the man he saw today came into the screen.

"Alex Reynolds, the top class businessman, had funded the charity ball held in NewYork today. And it isn't a surprise," the headlines said.

What was her name? he tried to recall.

Don't make it up like you forgot about her already, mocked his brain.

Right! I know she is Arianna, he talked to himself.

He assumed her to be Arianna Reynolds when he saw Mr. Reynolds again on the screen. "Should say she was a carbon copy of her dad as she looked like his female version. I need to handle her carefully," he said to himself and divided into his bed after switching off the television.

End of flashback

Damon King

After that I didn't see her often as I was busy with my internship. And with my perception, she was smart, innocent, hard headed, stubborn, rude, hot, gorgeous, but not a bitch. She was such a sweetheart with a good reputation in college other than being a Reynolds. She had been tried to court by many guys but none dared to. There were some bets on her and guess what? She smacked their faces and warned them ever to mess with her. I never believed when I heard that she was single. Later I came to know about her hate for playboys, that is me and also guys, which is also me.

Whenever I see her I would wantedly throw a fit and bicker with her. And she gives back equal fight, and that is how the whole university is aware of us being rivals. It would be a lie if I say I didn't join this college for her. I got offers from New York, but some part of me said I need to stay here as someone is waiting for me. I didn't know what made my mind change that I got my seat here. And there was never a day I didn't regret it. Getting to know more and more about her I realised I was someone who she would least like on this planet. Whatever she hates is my routine. And I hated her so much for being the exact girl who bruised my ego. I wondered why she was so fit and fine about her choices in friends and of course guys. The only girl who managed to put a smile on her poker face wasThea. Theodare's little sister. I was shocked to see them both hanging out and when I asked her she told me about Arianna being her childhood bestie.

I made her promise not to say this to her. I always had a good connection with Thea and she agreed to that. I didn't want her to know about being close to Thea.

When I was busy with my thoughts of our meeting and everything I was harked back to a time where I promised to never let anyone ruin me. The promise I made to him. I sat up straight when I was reminded of the coffin box that made my breath ragged. I was stupid to let another Elena ruin me. But deep inside I knew she was anything but the fake ones out there. My anger shot up when I heard the voice that I would recognize even in my sleep. It was Ria.

I rose on my feet and saw her on call talking to someone leaning against the big oak tree. She ended the call and was about to drop the phone into her pocket when I jumped in front of her making her squeal.

" How dare you follow me?" I yelled at her face making a frown appear on her forehead.

"Excuse me?"

"Feeling like a queen already that you won? Why the hell did you call my name with your filthy mouth?" I said banging my hands on the tree, on either side of her head caging her.

"Damon you are goi---- I cut her off harshly yelling again. "The fuck I told you about using my name. If you think you can live carefree after messing with me, trust me Ria you are wrong,"I growled at her face scrunched up in disgust. Her calling me by my name made me feel sick with emotions that I never wanted to feel.

"Shut you moron. And listen to me, I am not pathetic like you to behave like a retard. And it's you who has a disgustingly filthy mouth and a cruel heart. Never try to near me you walking STD," saying this she kicked my leg with her pointed heel and walked away without looking back.

Walking STD? Is that what she thinks of me? Without knowing my intentions she dared to talk to me like that? I thought you were different Ria but you judged me like others.

It's for the best for me to let you walk away. Still and all, I knew it would never be easy.

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