Chapter 6.



I don't even know how I'm going to do it. I mean giving a tour is one thing giving the fact that it's just for a day and I dont have to be too engage in too much of a conversation but tutoring somebody and not just anybody but Cole Reese aka 'The devil" , the new student that everybody seems to be weary about crosses my capability line by a long shot.

I mean I know I don't even know this person but the stories I've heard haven't been pleasing and normally I don't pay attention to rumors but he literally introduced himself as the devil. You have to be really messed up in the head to call yourself that.. And then there is also my lack of socializing skills. Literally every part of me screams That I'm not fit to tutor somebody. 

But there was nothing I could do to convince principal Martin that I wasn't the right person for the Job. His mind was made up and he had a valid reason as to why he picked me. I did tell him that I would think about it and get back to him but I don't think there is much for me to think about, he's got me cornered.

 I cant have my university application blank when it comes to extracurriculars. 

I don't think I was his first choice though, I mean that would explain why he had been calling a lot of students to his office, they probably disagreed out of fear of Cole but of course that choice was taken away from me when he brought up my university application. Ugh curse my fear of extracurricular activities. 

School hours at over and the school hall is quite empty now. Eveybody is probably in the parking lot, or at whatever extracurricular activity they had or home. I'm sure you know what group I would belong to if I wasn't here right now .  

I am currently on my way to grab my bag from my locker so I can head home and crawl up in my bed and I'm walking really slowly because my mind can't Stop thinking about the conversation I had with principal Martin. It's honestly a miracle I haven't hit the wall yet or else 


I hit a wall, a very hard one and fell butt flat on the floor. 

" Jeez. What do they make walls with these days"

"Hey are you okay?" 

I know I don't make conversation with people so you'd be wondering how I can tell but believe me when I tell you I would recognize that voice anywhere. It's him. .

Looking up, I see the face of my long time crush, Kevin Kingsley. He's wearing a black joggers and a plain white shirt that seems to go too well with his skin tone. This should be illegal. His hair which is a natural light blonde appears as if Its brown because of the wetness so I assume he just had a shower after football practice. 

Oh my God, did he just hear me call him a wall. He probably didn't right? I definitely whispered it. 

He bends down right in front of me,

"I asked if you were alright miss. Oh, Hey, it's you"

It's me? What does he mean it's me, does he remember me from class or from one of his dreams. The latter would be really nice. 

" You're the girl who trips all the time"

Of course that's how he would remember me.  Have I mentioned that I'm still butt flat on the floor. 

" oh where are my manner, let me help you up?"

He stretches his hand out to me and because I'm still stunned and naturally socially awkward, I don't do anything, I just sit there staring at him. At first I thought he was just going to leave me there but he grabs me by the shoulder and literally lifts me up. 

my legs are shaky but I don't want to look more like a fool than I already do so I struggle but finally take my stand. Emphasis on the struggle 

"Are you okay? Does it hurt anywhere"

Come on, say something Phoebe, you're making a complete fool of your self. Speak 

"uhm, yeah, you too"

Classic. Way to go phoebe.

He laughs awkwardly. You know one of those 'uh oh, this one is crazy, gatta run for me dear life' kind of laughter. 

"Okay I'm gonna go now, try to watch where you're going next time so you do not hit an Actual Wall"

Oh my God, he heard me. He heard me call him a wall, this is officially the worse day of my life and I've had bad days 

" I uh guess I'll see you around "

He keeps looking at as if he was waiting for me to say something but I guess he figured out that the only sense organs that works right now are my eyes because he just mumbles an 'alright and walked away.

I release a breath I didn't even know I was holding and thats when it hit me, he was waiting for me to say my name and just like that something bigger hit me, Kevin Kingsley was waiting for me to say my name and that's when something even bigger hit me, I just made a complete fool of myself in from of Kevin Kingsley.. Again.  

I felt like i was being watch but I didn't want to turn around just in case it was by Kevin.  I just hurriedly rush to my locker and grab my stuff..  I need to get home fast. 


"Oh phoebe you're so dumb, why are you so dumb? Why can't you just man up and not make a fool of yourself for once in your life? Or is it woman up?" 

"ugh you're so stupid. This was your one chance to talk to him and you couldn't even speak one word"

Just In case you're confused on whats happening right now, let me get you up to speed. I'm currently in front of my bathroom mirror mentally, and physically scolding myself after my, dare I say it, meeting with Kevin Kingsley. 

I mean it just doesn't make sense, why am I unable to speak in front of him, I know I'm unable to speak in front of other people but it should be different with him shouldn't it. I mean I like him so why is it so difficult for me to.....

"Are you okay honey?"

I look at the head of the beautiful woman that is my mother, poking into my bathroom

" Yes I'm fine mum, how are you doing? "

" Are you sure? I could literally hear you talking to yourself from my room and they weren't exactly words that scream 'Yes I'm fine' "

"Oh wow, I'm so sorry mum, I didn't mean to disturb you, I wasn't even sure you were home"

"Hey, it's alright honey, you didnt disturb me, now tell me, what is it that is bothering you so much? "

She walks into the bathroom. 

" Its honestly really nothing mum, let's just call it teenage hormones" 

as much as I wanted to tell her, I just couldn't and it's not that I don't trust my mum or that I'm not comfortable telling her things like this, quite the opposite actually, its just that I don't know what to tell her. I can't bring myself to put into words how I'm feeling or things that go on in my head. 

I don't know if she believes me but she walks towards me and pulls me into a warm hug. My mum gives the best hugs. 

"Okay, I'll take your word for it for now, so tell me, how was school today? Any fun thing happen?"

And that's when it just all came flooding back. 

I hate my life. 


Hi There . Thank you for giving my story a chance. This is actually the first time I'm writing a story so forgive me if it's not one of the bests stories you've read. I will definitely improve on my writing. Please drop a like and I would also love to read your comments on what you think of the book so far. That's all. Stay Safe...

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