Chapter 2.



I wake up and I see that it's 5:30am and school doesn't start till 8 but old habits die hard. I decide to start preparing for school since I tend to drift into dreamland a lot and end up running late for whatever activities I have planned and since I don't have a social life, "activities" for me include, going to the super market with my mum, visiting my grandparents, going to dads grave to drop flowers and talk to him and taking out the trash. Yup I'm leaving the life everybody..


Funny enough, I didn't drift into dream land as much as I do a normal day and that is something coming from me. 

I check the time to see that it's 7:02am so I go downstairs and decide to have Cereal since its too late to start making actual food and I am honestly just lazy.

Besides, Mum is probably still sleeping and I don't want to make noise and wake her up because she needs all the sleep she can get since she probably has a night shift at the hospital today otherwise she would be up making breakfast.. Unlike me, she actually enjoys cooking. 

I pour myself a bowl of cornflakes and add the milk, because how else should it be done.  Only psychopaths pour the milk before pouring the cereal..


I finish eating my cereal and I see the time is 7:26am. Since the bus doesn't get here till 7:30am, I decide to play candy crush on my phone but before the game even gets a chance to load, I get a notification from our schools 'Hot Topic Of The Day- South Philly High' app. 

Yes, our school has an app where they like to pass information happening in the school and sometimes in the whole town. People sure like to talk. There's always a new thing to talk about everything week.

I don't know how but someone was able to add everybody in the whole school. Yes I'm smart but you have to be really tech smart to make an app in such a way that even new students are automatically added.

it starts by you getting a notification that you have been added to 'Hot Topic - SPH'  and then it is your choice if you want to continue on the app. Agreeing to use the app leads you to a place where you can either  create a profile which enables you to post pictures and what not and also drop comments under others posts. Or not create a profile which means you'll only be able to read articles and the comments underneath. Of course I don't have a profile. I don't ever plan on writing an article or even dropping a comment. Honestly, I find most articles posted on the app really stupid. Most of the time, it's thing like "He cheated on her. She cheated on Him" and stuff around those line but today it was different.. It was serious. So may views and comments in so little time.

Curious about it, I click on it and it takes me to a page where I see that it is even more serious than I thought, the headline of the article reads "The Devil has Finally made it to our school. SPH Beware."

I raise an eyebrow and start talking aloud 

"Okay that's a bit too dramatic, and that is something coming from me. But How could they refer to somebodys child as 'The Devil' ". And then I gasp. 

"Except the actual Devil's decided to take a vacation from hell and visit our school. I thought that only happened in the movies".

I laugh at my own thought and start scrolling.  Instead of reading the article, I go to the comments which isn't something I do on a normal basis. I like to have my own opinion before looking at other peoples take on whatever the issue may be. That way I'm not influenced by the opinions of others. 

I read a lot of comments, dissapointed that nobody pointed out the fact that they just called somebody's child 'the devil' , Like Come on people, am I the only one seeing that that is not right.  I think I may be the only one... Most of the comments are just girls amazed and anticipating and guys cursing at him.. Words that I'm very sure they wouldn't be able to say to this so called devils face.. 

One comment read 'I hear he eats him victims alive', like come on 'Lisaaa302' you're smarter than that... I read a lot more interesting comments about things they claim "the devil" has done which of course are very doubtful..

 Okay I need to give him a name, calling him the devil just doesn't sit well with me and that when I decide to read the article, maybe I'll get a name there. 

clicking the 'back' button on my phone,  I start scrolling down to the top of the article when my mums voice pulls me back to reality 

"Bus is here honey", she should be asleep 

Nervous, I click on my phones home button and then the power button. I pick up my backpack and walk to give my mum a hug. 

"Have a great day honey, Try to make a friend or two"

"Don't bet on that, see you later, take care and get some sleep". She smiles and I leave for the bus.. 


I say hello to the bus driver Mrs Sarah and take my seat by the front.  Nobody every sits there, I wonder why... 

There aren't a lot of people on the bus though, just a few whose names I don't have an idea of. They are probably from the junior year and can't drive yet, if not they wouldn't be sitting with me on the bus.

I'm definitely old enough to drive but driving is something that scares the heck out of me.. Like imagine driving and all of a sudden I drift off into dreamland..  

Mum says its all in my head and would never happen but I say 'You never know'.

I hear a lot of talking and gasping coming from the back and though it seems serious, I am really not interested because I, ladies and gentlemen have a date with Joe Jonas in the beautiful town of happy Alabama. So if you'll excuse me, "Waiter I'll have a".


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