Chapter 5.



Okay, I know it may be too early to say it since it is still just the first day of school but I have a strong feeling that my senior year is not going to go as smoothly and quietly as I planned.

Why do I say so you ask? Well I could think of a couple reason as to why  I feel this way, 

One, maybe because ever since the new student got here which was literally a little over Two hours ago, everything has just been, I don't know tense and plain weird. In Ms. Harts class, it was literally as if everybody was holding their breaths from the minute he walked in and couldn’t stop making comments about anything and everything about him the moment the left immediately the bell rang.. Even people in the hallway have been acting weird and uptight, it’s scary. Honestly, this is the most quiet I have seen the students of south Philly high but it is also the most noisy they have ever been. It is almost like everything right now is centered around the new transfer student. Everybody seems to be talking about him in the hall way. I've heard "He is actually quite handsome. No way a devil is that pretty. I am not scared of him. I did not think he would be that tall" amongst other. Oh I even heard something about how the new transfer student sheds his skin every night and then gets a new one in the morning. Tchhhh, way to go Lisaaaa302. 

Or Maybe i have a bad feeling about senior year because I am suppose to be on my way home but instead I am currently on my way to the principals office and no, not voluntarily, I was actually called in. 

I nervously make my way to the principals office and his secretary Mrs. Nicole tells me to take a seat while she tells the principal I am here although I do not see why that is even necessary seeing as the whole school literally just heard him call me in through the speakers connected to the microphone in his office. Funny enough he has been calling a lot of people in over the last fourty five minutes. 

I anxiously take a seat by the door and not long after Mrs. Nicole comes out from the inner office being the principals office and says

"You can go in now"

" Alright. Thank You" I say to her.

I nervously walk into the Inner office and I see principal Martin standing by his window but it seems like he doesn't know I am here yet so I cough to get his attention, swiftly he turns around

"Miss. Collins, good afternoon. Good to see you. How are you?"

woah, slow down. Where do I start from,

" Hello Principal Martin. Good Afternoon, it is good to see you too and I am doing alright thank you for asking "

He gives me a knowing look and then breaths in and out, 

" How have you been enjoying your senior year"

"Well It is just the first day of school so I can not really say much about it but I am going to keep my fingers crossed"

"oh I see, that's very good". I nod. 

I don't get why it is so easy for me to talk to teachers but not my classmates. But most of all, I don't get why Principal Martin called me in because I am very sure it is not to ask me how my senior year is going and I am even more sure that it's definitely not to have this intense staring contest and awkwardness we are currently engaged it.

"Principal Martin, you called me? "

"Right, Miss Collins, I have a task and I think you would be the best person to carry it out"

"What is it sir?"

He holds back for a while and if I didn't  know better I would say that he was contemplating whether or not to tell me but seems like he's over it because the next thing that comes out of his mouth is

"I want you be the one to give the new transfer student a tour of the School" 

So you know how I said I had a feeling my senior year wasn't going to go as planned, I WAS RIGHT... 


" Sir?"

" I said I want you, Miss. Collins to be the one to give the new transfer student a tour of the school"

I look at him in complete surprise waiting for him to tell me it's a prank and to return to class. But he never says it so I say the first thing that comes to my mind, 

"Sir? " Someone get me a hearing aid because, 

" Miss Collins , I said i want you to be the person to give the...."

"No I heard you the first two times principal Martin, it's just that I don't understand. Out of all the students in this school, why me ?"

" Well, I just felt like you wold be the right person for the job"

excuse me

"But principal Martin, you know"

"okay think about it this way Miss collins, this is your last year in South Philly high and you would need to apply for a university and you do not play any sports in this school, you are not in any of the schools club. Even though you are one of the schools brightest student, you don't go for any competitions and you don't participate in any activities."

what exactly is your point 

"My point is this will actually help boost your university application"

He's not completely wrong, but couldn't he have found me something easier to do. Something that requires less human interaction like I don't know, Library assistant or something. At least there I know I won't see a lot of people. And even if I do, the library isn't really an ideal place for small talks.

Oh well I suppose I could show him around, afterall it will only be for just a day. Two at most and I'll probably start tomorrow which gives me a day to prepare.. But wait, 

"Principal Martin, would just giving a tour actually hold grounds in getting into a university". It almost seems too easy,

"Not not really Miss Collins,  and that is why I also want you to tutor him on the classes he missed before the mid term break."

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