Chapter 2

Well, Tiffany did think of telling the guards. However, this kind of girls are too hard to stop.

They were not one of those people who are ignorant of the law. They know their rights and they know how to twist it to their advantage.

If they happen to drive them away by force, these people would just start sprouting nonsense on internet and friends. It would definitely affect the company’s image, so tiffany made the decision to just let them in and cause them a commotion first.

In that way, they can’t use the words, ‘we didn’t do anything’, or, ‘they forced us out’. In that way, if anyone says anything bad about the company, they could easily counter it with CCTV footages and witnesses.

Yes, Tiffany thought of it so deeply that she even thought of ways on how to defend the company against the court when time comes. She’s that devoted to the company and her job.

And that’s exactly the reason why the CEO kept her for a year. He never once thought of firing her because she’d be a waste. She’s reliable and responsible, although her coffee isn’t the best.

“But Mr. CEO…”

Tiffany told him about her concerns. And while doing all that, her CEO just stared at her with his lazy eyes, making her feel anxious.

Maybe she should’ve just agreed on telling the guards…

“Okay then. Do as you please.”

Tiffany released a sigh of relief upon hearing her CEO’s response. It’s not easy to convince a businessman like him. Now she knows why the other board members looks so anxious whenever there is a board meeting.

“You may leave.”


Hours passed like seconds.

Tiffany stretched her neck while her eyes are still fixed on the screen of her laptop. She’s been too focused on her work, not even noticing the time on the wall. The door of her CEO’s office opened and her boss walked out. She was too immersed on her work that she didn’t even felt his presence when he stopped right in front of her table.

The CEO stood there for a second, waiting to be recognized. But when he realized that Tiffany had no intention of raising her head, he softly knocked on her desk twice.

In shock, Tiffany immediately stood on her feet. It was like a reflex. But even in shock, she managed to stand in an extremely graceful manner.

After lifting her head, she found herself face to face with her CEO. Tiffany swiftly glanced at the wall clock before looking back at him. Then she flashed a smile.

“Are you heading out for your 4:00 pm appointment?”

Well, of course he was. Tiffany wanted to curse herself upon realizing how stupid her question was. Thankfully, the CEO just threw her a glance before nodding his head and starting to walk towards the door.

“Hmn… You can leave now.”

Tiffany felt like she heard it wrong. She tilted her head and even narrowed her eyes while watching her CEO’s movements.

“I’m sorry?”

At this moment, her CEO halted his steps. He turned to face Tiffany and looked at her with his lazy but intense gaze.

“I said you can leave now.”

“Leave? As in, leave?”

It’s still early for a time out… and break time is 2 o’clock. Why is he making her leave now that it’s already quarter to 4:00?

She threw her CEO a questioning look. Her boss, on the other hand, just turned his back on her.

“Undertime.” He casually said.

His voice was low, but Tiffany heard it clearly. Her boss is making her take an undertime.

But… wait, wait, wait… Why is her workaholic CEO making her take undertime? Did she do anything wrong? Did she upset him because of how many times she drifted this day?

Normally, he would make her work until past 6:00… what’s with the sudden change? Wait, is she… perhaps… fired?!

Tiffany can’t hide the anxiousness building inside her and the keen CEO immediately realized that when he turned to glance back at her. The CEO released a sigh before pulling the door open. He left the room without even looking back. Sometimes, he can’t help but think on how Tiffany managed to last a year under him.

She’s reliable, yes. But sometimes, she’s just stupid. He knew what she was thinking earlier. She thought that he’s finally firing her. But well, what can he do? Tiffany already lasted for a year under him. She’s already proven herself capable.

How can he fire his overly capable secretary?

While he was thinking of this, Tiffany, who was left in her office, remained standing. The idea of being fired haunting her.

She didn’t know what to do.

She started imagining things.

Tomorrow, when she goes to work, what if the guards suddenly stop her at the entrance? And then tells her that she no longer have the permission to enter? That she no longer works in the company? What should she do?

She was just about to go out and follow the CEO when the door to her office was once again pushed open. Thinking that her CEO came back, Tiffany immediately readied her speech. But she was never able to say her speech because that person is not the CEO.

It’s non-other than her friend, Phoebe.

Tiffany narrowed her eyes at her friend, but Phoebe just grinned at her. Then she forcefully pulled her out of her office, making Tiffany flail.

“Wait! No! I’m not fired yet! The CEO didn’t fire me yet!” Because of overthinking and anxiousness, those words easily left Tiffany’s lips.

Phoebe turned to glance at her, giving her a weird look.

“What are you talking about? Who’s firing who?”

No… wait, where are they?

Tiffany sat dumbfounded beside a table full of foods and drinks. It wasn’t just her and Phoebe. Her other officemates and friends are also around, all of them giving her a wide grin.

What’s with this situation? It’s still 4 o’clock, so it’s not time to out yet. Then, her thoughts started drawing weird conclusions again.

‘Are they all fired?’

Tiffany turned to look at Phoebe, giving her a questioning look. Phoebe smiled in return before turning to everyone.

“Everyone! Let us celebrate the very 1st anniversary of our secretary!”

Everyone cheered for her. Tiffany was overwhelmed. She can’t seem to comprehend.

‘Are they here to celebrate her anniversary? What if they were fired together with her because of this?’ With this thought, she sweated hard. They all took undertime just to celebrate her anniversary. If they were fired as well, it would be all her fault.

But how can she possibly soil their happiness? They all looked happy, staring at her with wide smiles on their lips. She can’t possibly break their hearts… Maybe she’ll just talk with the CEO and beg him to just fire her and not the others…

‘Yes, I’ll do that.’ She decisively thought.

“Cheers to our first secretary who lasted a year under our boss! Cheers to Tiffany!”



In response to all their cheers, Tiffany nervously grabbed a cup of drink. She drank it in one gulp, shocking everyone around.

“Whoa! Bottoms up!” they shouted in glee before pouring drinks into her cup, more and more.

The celebration went on until midnight. Tiffany was dead drunk when she arrived in her unit. Phoebe, who was still sane, drove her here and left her sleeping on the bed. Before leaving, Phoebe threw her a one last glance before sighing.

“Glad the CEO approved our undertime… Happy anniversary, Tiff.” And then she left.

Our dead drunk secretary was sleeping so soundly.

Everything was okay. She had a nice dream and a nice sleep… But morning came.

“W-what’s this?” Tiffany, who just woke up because of a call, groped her chest.

She remember them having bumps, even though it’s small… but she can’t feel anything today. She groped her chest, but nothing was felt. She felt like groping a wall.

It was terrifying.

To check if anything is wrong with her body, she lowered her head and examined her chest. And that’s when she realized…

That she had lost her boobs! She had shrunk so much that she looked like her 5-year-old self!

What happened?!

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