Crown Series #1: Diadem
Crown Series #1: Diadem
Author: oshbol


Where did it all go wrong? How did I end up being executed in my own palace?

I looked at the person who was the reason why I am here right now, I glare at Izabel but she just grins at me and clings onto the person next to her, Izaak. Does Izaak really think that Izabel is innocent? Can't Izaak see that Izabel is just acting like an innocent girl?

I clenched my fist while looking at the two of them. When Izaak noticed that I was looking at them, he just looked at me for a second before turning away then left.

“Ugh!” I can feel the excruciating pain from my back that was whipped days before and I was also whipped earlier before I came up here.

Pero mas masakit ang puso ko, dahil sa mga nangyayari sa akin ngayon. Wala... wala akong kasalanan! Wala akong ginawang masama!

"Princess Lacy Cunningham Marquez, I hereby shall punish you for committing treason and fraud–" Natigilan ang aide sa pagsasalita nang marinig nito ang pagtawa ko ng malakas.

Paano naman nila nasabi na nagtaksil at nanloko ako, kung ang ginawa ko lamang ay ipagtanggol ang mga taong nasa harap ko ngayon?

The aide glanced at me before continuing reading the scroll. “Attacking Queen Consort Izabel Brook is a violation of our law, Article 0909, Section 69. Threatening someone who is part of the royal family, especially if it is one of the people in high position, must be sentenced to death. You also charged the Queen Consort Izabel Brook with the crime of theft from the treasury without any solid evidences and it’s just a pure accusation,”

“Another count that you need to carry off, your deception of people about Marquis Monroe together with the ministers of the Royal Palace that they are behind ransacks and attacks at every market, kingdom and cities. The people mentioned above are proved to be innocent,”

I laughed at the back of my mind and shook my head. This isn’t happening to me! All those investigations that I did are all true! Binigay nila ang trabahong ito sa akin, tapos hindi nila paniniwalaan iyon? Nagpapatawa ba sila?

“Imprisonment and death are your compensation for all your false allegations. Queen Lacy Marquez Brook; the court sentenced you with death.”

I felt my heart crashed. Hindi pwede ito! Hindi nangyayari sa akin ito!

Napangisi ako nang wala sa sarili at napatawa nang malakas na para bang isang baliw. I just now realized that he doesn't even care for me! Izaak doesn’t care for me!

Hahayaan niya lang talaga akong mamatay rito! Dapat—dapat... hindi na niya na lang ako nilapitan para hindi ganito ang naging kapalaran ko sa kaniya! Dapat hindi ko na lamang siya hinayaan na kontrolin ang aking buhay!

Dapat... hindi na lang…

Why did I even love that d*mn j* rk? He doesn't even care for me and he didn't even defend me nor second the motion when the court decided that I should be punished with death for the things I didn't even commit!

Anong mali? Among ginawa kong mali? Anong hindi ko napansin? Anong nakaligtaan ko? Bakit?

Bakit ako napunta sa sitwasyon na ito? Bakit?

Narinig ko naman ang malakas na bulungan ng mga tao sa paligid ko. Hindi ko nga alam kung bulong ba talaga iyon o talagang sinasadyang iparinig sa akin.

“I can’t believe that the queen herself committed a crime like that! She’s such a heartless person!” saad ng isang noble na babae habang nakatakip pa ang kaniyang pamaypay sa mukha nito.

“Yeah, plus, look at her, she’s laughing like a madwoman! She probably had gone crazy! God, bless us!”

I just closed my eyes and shut my ears unknowingly. I don’t want to hear how pathetic I am. It is embarrassing for them to see me in this state. Their queen will be killed before their eyes. The whole nation will witness how their queen will be killed, any minute from now. Nakita ko

naman ang ilang mga tao na yakap-yakap ang kani-kanilang mga anak. Ang iba sa kanila ay umiiyak habang pinagmamasdan ang sitwasyon ko, mayroon namang napapayuko dahil hindi nila masalubong ang aking paningin.

Awa? Hindi ko kailangan ‘yan! Hindi ko kailangan ang mga awa niyo! Kailangan ko ang paniniwala niyo na mali ang ginagawa nila at may mga maling pamamalakad na kanilang pasikretong ginagawa!

Why are they here? Do they want to watch this fallen queen be publicly executed for committing treason and fraud?

I bit my lips because they were trembling and I also felt my heart racing. Maybe I should've given up that time, when they arranged this marriage with Izaak and me. I should've listened to my father and not neglected him.

Kaya ba ayaw na ayaw na niya kay Izaak dahil ba alam niyang gagawin ito sa akin? Na ganito ang aking kahihinatnan? Kaya ba kung maka-oppose siya sa aming dalawa ay ganoon na lamang? To the factor that he’s inclined to kick me out of our house?

If I am going to live again, I swear on my mother's grave, mine and the other people who sacrificed and lost their lives for me, I will no longer allow those foxy human beings to damage me again! The executioner behind my back and the aide in front of me nod their heads at each other.

At sa huling sandali ay tinignan ko ang mga taong pinagsilbihan ko nang ilang buwan.

Alam ko kahit na naging masungit, mahigpit at kung heartless man ang tingin nila sa akin, ginawa ko ang lahat para mapabuti ang mga taong pinagsisilbihan ko. Dahil umaasa sila sa isang magandang administrasyon. Too bad, I failed to serve these people and failed to give them their rights to fight these corrupt people.

Some are crying and some are secretly smirking, they are probably happy that I am punished by death.

My gaze went to a child and I simply motioned her to close her eyes. I don't want her to see how ruthless, merciless and pitiful I am right now. I saw a silhouette from behind, I just met his cold eyes and his blank expression for a second and he turned around and walked away.

Father... Do you regret now that I am your daughter? I am a shame for our family, am I right? I was abandoned by the one I love and now, you, father. Ganoon mo ba ako hindi ka-gusto para iwanan na lang ako rito?

The 1% hope that I had earlier, vanished as he turned his back on me. I closed my eyes tightly and the tears fell.

I smirked. Maybe... If I were to wish for another life then I’ll wish a life with no pain and sacrifices. I want to live in a peaceful paradise with no agony and heartaches.

A tear fell from my eyes before I felt the cold and sharp guillotine knife strike on my neck. Just maybe…

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