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The masked festival? She asked and he nodded.

 Yes, the masked festival. He said and continued writing..

How... Where. How did you see me? I was masked. She said.

You unmasked. He said.

No, I didn't. I remember clearly, I unmasked when I got to the water flow. She said again.

Yes, I know. I followed you there. He said and paused.

You... Followed me there? Why? She asked perturbed.

  Because you....


The drums were heard, flutes played and the Kings of each clan walked in.

King Nicklaus hated parties, festivals, anything that included music. He hated it after that night.

But he had no choice, it was a tradition that all King's must be present.

   He walked in and sat on his seat. The festival continued with more music and dancing.

He got up and walked outside, he hated the sound he was hearing.

  He walked till he got to a point. He saw a lady standing at the flower side.

Picking up flowers but her face was masked.

 Her body told how beautiful her face could be, possessed by her beauty, he followed her, walking behind her.

He wondered why a beauty like her wasn't here with her bodyguard.

For sure, he knew she was Royalty.      Maybe because of her expensive silk, steady steps and lifted shoulders. Her every move was Royalty.

He followed her till the got to the water flow, she dropped the flowers and unmasked.

For a minute, he was lost. He has never seen this kind of beauty.

  Which Kingdom does she hail from? He wondered.

He sighed and left.

Who was that Princess in fine silk? He asked the other guards.

Ohh... That's Princess Lara from the Kingdom of Tules. A guard said and bowed.

He was right, she is a Princess.

He is going to get her by all means.


Ohh My God. Lara shrieked.

All this while, you loved me? She asked and he face his scrolls, still writing.

Talk to me, Nicklaus. She half yelled.

What? What should I say. He growled and sighed.

You are a nut job. She said pouting.

  Ohh... So, you love me this much. Wow, I can't believe it. She yelled.

He shook his head wondering why he even told her about it.

Ohh, don't worry Nicklaus. It isn't a one-sided love. She said and he turned his head.

  What? He asked.

I love you too...

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