Chapter 28 -- REMEMBER


Written by Evelyn Mba



Laku stood still, confused of what to do.

  Should he inform the King first? Or go get the Queen.

He doesn't know what to do.

Why would she go there? 

What does she wants from an old witch.

  The king detests people with such abilities.

He detests them so much.

  Moving tho and fro, he sighed.

He had to tell the King about this....


The TWIN'S of who? Lara asked.

The TWIN'S OF GOLDIES. That's what you are both called. Mother Colia said.

And you have to do it now...

You have to hold hands before it's too late..

You have to be strong.

  He needs you now than ever.

Nicklaus needs you. She said again.

Nicklaus needs me, is something going to happen to him? Lara asked, bewildered and scared at the same time.

No, he's fine and he will remain fine... If

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