Chapter 6

Christian gritted his teeth in frustration but still asked again, "Are you not coming to eat? Or, are you waiting for me to serve you?"

Sarah could not believe that he was actually inviting her to eat together. She realized that she was the one who was overthinking when they did not even mind her eating with them.

She smiled at him without feeling afraid for the first time. Then, she ran to the dining table hurriedly.

Christian was left alone in the hall. He was stunned at Sarah smiling at him. She looked so pretty and carefree in that smile. He was once again shocked when he realized that he was actually thinking about her.

He shook these thoughts out of his mind and walked towards the dining area. 

Catherine brought the dishes out one by one with Sarah's help. Maids just stood aside as Catherine did not let them help her. According to her, she wanted to do everything for her brother by herself that day. She was not even allowing Sarah to interfere, but Sarah did not listen to her and went to help her anyway. It is not like Catherine can reject her.

The two girls helping each other was the scene that greeted Christian when he entered the dining area. He hasn't felt this feeling of satisfaction, peace, and harmony for a long time. He never dreamed of making his own family since the death of his parents and their love. For him, his only family was Catherine. But now looking at this scene, he felt like he was missing something in his life.

His feelings have been fluctuating since Catherine and Sarah returned. He could not point out why he was feeling like that, and he was really being disturbed by the unfamiliar feelings.

Catherine saw her brother standing in the doorway, so she called him, "Brother, what are you doing there? Come and sit here already."

Christian smiled at her and followed her instructions. Soon, dinner was served to him.

"Hmm, it smells good.", he praised her.

Catherine giggled at her brother's comment and took a seat too. She also beckoned Sarah to sit. This way, everyone was seated. 

Christian began eating food. At first, he thought his sister was just being proud of her cooking, but he soon realized she was being truthful. The dinner she made him feel wholesome. It was really delicious.

Catherine's eyes turned gentle when she witnessed her brother enjoying the dinner she made. She thought to herself, "Brother, let me take care of you from now on. Your sister has grown up and is capable now."

Christian finished every bit of food he was served. This also came as a surprise for maids standing there as their master seldom had dinner at home. Even if he did have dinner at the mansion, he never ate this much. 

Soon, they finished all the dishes. Catherine and Sarah were preparing to do the dishes, and Christian was ready to go sleep. But, just as he tried to stand, he felt his cellphone vibrate in his pocket. He took it out to check and his expression changed when he saw the message.

Catherine and Sarah also felt a change in his aura and gave a look to each other, but did not comment on it.

"Cathy, there is urgent work in the office which requires my attention. Don't wait for me, I might be a bit late while returning. So, go to sleep early." Saying this much, Christian walked outside.

Outside, Zen was already waiting for Christian's arrival. When he saw Christian arriving, he opened the car's door for Christian to enter. After getting seated, Zen began driving.

Christian spoke, "So, he is already there?"

"Yes, our men caught him in his own house", replied Zen.

Christian nodded and fell silent. After a while, he spoke again, "Zen, Catherine should not know about any of these things."

Zen knew how much Christian cared for his sister. She was his only family left. He could not save his parents that year, and he did not want this to repeat again. Zen was well-accustomed to this fact. So, he replied, "Don't worry. She won't know about this all and she will be fine."

Christian nodded and closed his eyes to get a rest.

The car continuously drove on a silent road. The way was surrounded by trees on both sides.

The atmosphere was really eerie but Zen continued driving on as if he was very well-versed with the road ahead.

After about an hour of driving, the car stopped.

“We are here", Zen announced.

Christian opened his eyes when he heard that, but his eyes contained no emotions this time. His whole body was emitting a deadly aura. The look which he uses at Catherine was nowhere to be found.

If anyone had seen him like this, they would have surely shivered and not even dare to look at him.

They got off the car and they could only see a one-story house there. The surrounding was all covered by trees and since it was a night time, it looked no different than a wild forest.

They walked towards that house and Zen went forward to open the door. The house was completely empty aside from a bulb hanging from the ceiling. That bulb was the only source that was providing light there.

The area inside was dusty and covered with spider webs. Even if someone accidentally discovers the place, they will merely think of it as an abandoned place or haunted one.

But what they would never discover was that the room actually contains a secret door that leads to the underground basement.

Zen took out an object that looked like a remote control from his pocket.

He pressed on a button in that remote control. As soon as he pressed the button, the floor near their foot opened and a stair could be seen which guided them to the start of the tunnel.

Christian used the stairs and Zen followed after him. As soon as they reached the bottom of the stairs, the floor above them automatically closed. Zen lit up the torchlight of his cell phone since the area down was pitch black.

They walked through the path of the tunnel and after 5 minutes of walking, they reached a door. The door looked ordinary at first sight. But it was well-equipped with various arms and weapons. If someone without authentication tries to enter there forcefully, it will release those weapons, eventually killing the intruders.

Christian and Zen walked to the corner of the door, which was actually equipped with an eye scanner. After scanning was done, the door opened.


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