Babies' arrival

"Brother, how is Sarah?" Catherine came walking hastily. She came as soon as she got the news of Sarah getting labor pain.

"Sweety, walk slowly," came the worried voice of Evan from behind. From the moment she received the news, she has been hasty which made Evan worried to no bounds.

Christian also chastised his sister for not caring about her and the life inside her. "Why are you in so hurry? Relax, don't forget about the life inside you."

Catherine was about to fight back when the door to the VIP maternity ward opened and a nurse came out from there. "Who is Miss Sarah's husband?" She asked eyeing Christian and Evan.

"I am," Christian stepped forward, " Is my wife alright?"

"She is about to give birth. And we have a policy that one of the patient's relatives can accompany her inside and also watch the childbirth. So are you accompanying her or..."

Before she could complete the sentence, Sarah's voice sounded from inside, "Let him in

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