Chapter 10: My fear

FIVE years ago Ara had decided to love an opposite sex. She met him in college. She gave him herself thinking she found the person she can spend her life with. Everything was fine. Everything was smooth. They faced ups and downs of a relationship. The challenges they came through made her think she found the right man. But it was all in her head. She ignored the signs. Until she was confronted by the truth that hurted her inside badly. He had someone else. If she didn't find out about the other girl she would look not only stupid but an idiot. She loved him for real. And he broke her heart. Not wanting to discuss nor fix it she never spoke of him again. Guilty, he refused to show himself in front of her again.

Five years later she saw him again. Not in normal circumstances. She was behind worn out wooden boxes listening, watching quietly of what's going on in a storage room near the mansion s

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