Chapter 14 Run Part 2

It is a cold night. Just like the first time she went out with Vanluke for a walk the surrounding was quite isolating. They shared a breathtaking kiss that almost made her knees give out. Just like that night, she's gasping for air. Except it's not a kiss but because she's running as fast as she can. It made her recall the first time she ran away too. Vanluke was able to catch her. Half unwilling, she shared a forceful but nerve trembling night. They did the deed outdoors with the moon as their witness. Then he carried her from there to the mansion. Again, a passionate union.

She thought about her escape thoroughly. Of what the consequences would be if she made him really angry this time. Will he hurt her family? Will he use them as bait to take her back? What possible punishment will he do to her? Would tormenting her physically or psychologically be enough to make her submit?

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