Author: Liezhlee

My whole body were enough to feel tiredness and felt like Im walking for nothing. I go straight to my room and don't even lock it up because I'm drained enough to use my energy on it.

As the midst of my dreams I heared unusual creeps sounds from the outsides.

I never had use any bad thought about it,I just assumed that it was my Pet-krizzy. A cat who loves to climb at my ceilings every midnight.

But these sounds? It was obviouly a human.

My heartbet started to beat fast I started to panic,I want to stand up and look for it but my body doesnt cooperate will.

There's that sound the footsteps

He's near,I can feel it.

I tried to calm again, but Im shaking my whole body is shaking.

*door open sounds/

I was about to open my eyes,when I feel someone's hand covering my eyes whispering

"Don't open your eyes" His voice lingering my whole system,I don't want to follow him.

But before I open my eyes my throat literally stuck,my heartbeat slowly beating, my body stopped from shaking and I was late before I know that I am no longer breathing.

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