Chapter 5

"Hell no! You aren't doing this. You are not going to sacrifice your happiness for your selfish twin."Maddie said, pointing an accusing finger my way.

"You don't get to decide for me Maddie and don't you call my sister selfish.  I know Emily has her reasons" I said that so unsure.

Maddie only shook her head at the verge of tears. I felt terrible for lashing out on her. She isn't at fault nobody is at fault.

"You want us to lie to the Ashford about your identity?" Dad said, looking at me like I have grown two heads.

I meekly nodded my head. I did not know what to say. Maddie was glaring at me from where she was standing.

"Maddie look, I know you love and care about me. If you do, please support me on this. Please Maddie, mum dad I know I can do it. Just have faith in me. Nothing is going to happen"

I turned to them pleading with my eyes. Finally, mum and dad gave up and agreed to my ridiculous idea. That wasn't happy about the plan at all but they had no option.

" Guess there is nothing I can do to change your mind, you stubborn girl," Maddie said as she approached to hug me.

"We can't keep the groom and the guests waiting can we?" Dad gushed out, putting the water bottle back in the fridgd.

I can't believe I'm going through with this ridiculous idea. Me getting married to my sister's husband to be. My crush, I'm such a slut.

My makeup and everything was done briskly but in all I looked breathtaking. My strapless well Emily's strapless wedding gown fitted me perfectly. The embroidery was well made. I can't believe Emily let me choose this gown for her.

I'm so happy I'm doing this, I don't know why I should be happy. I'm I not been selfish marrying my sister's husband to be. Will Emily be okay with this.

Someone I have crushed on since day one. What will he and his family think of me after I reveal the truth to them after the wedding? Will they accept me, or will they have me. So many questions yet no answers to them.

"Emeline is time to go," mum said as she took my hands I obediently followed her to the car careful not to fall down on the steps.

Dad was already inside with Maddie waiting for us. Dad still has the gloomy face but when he saw me he smiled at me. A genuine one.

"Are you nervous?" Maddie asked me as the driver drove the limousine towards the church.

"Well I'm kinda of nervous, it not everyday a girl gets married." I tried to crack a joke which I knew I failed badly judging by how mum was looking at me.

"Emeline, you know marriage is a long term thing, you don't have to do this. You can back out now before it too late." Mum took both my hands in hers as she squeezed it.

"Your mum is right sweet heart, we will support you no matter what, and you are not at fault neither is your sister. Maybe she has her reasons for doing what she did." Dad said from the opposite direction.

Maddie was quite through out the car drive. I assured my parents I will be okay. And I'm willing to pull this through.

The car stopped and I guessed we where at the church. Dad opened the door first for mum and Maddie to get out and the flashes of light out there showed that the media was around.

He stretched his hands out for me to take as he lead me to the entrance of the church. The paparazzi were following us and taking pictures Ave Maria by Beyoncé was playing at the background.

This looks just like my wedding not Emily's. Everything I wanted to do at my wedding has been made.

The decorations was according to my taste. Maddie handed me a bouquet which I don't know where she got it from and winked at me.

I held Dad's hand tightly as he walked me down the aisle. The paparazzi where taking pictures here and there.

If I wasn't used to them I would have been blinded by their flashes. But sadly the life of a rich girl whose parents are always on the spot light.

"My husband to be has his back to us, so I couldn't see his handsome face. Mum and Maddie where at the front seat so where my In laws.

Christian turned and everything in my head went off for a second, if not for the support of dad I would have disgraced my self.

He looked so great in his suit, I do see him in suits and casual wears but this is just too much.

Dad squeezed my hand and I squeezed his back to assure him I was okay.

He handed me over to Christian, Christian kissed the back of my hands and my heart was in a summer sort.

He looked deep into my eyes and his eyes widened slightly but he composed himself as the priest prepared for us to take our vows.


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