“Good morning.”

It was a familiar face and voice. Liam slammed his locker shut, turning. “What are you doing here, Steve?”

“Yeah, good morning to you too,” Steve replied, Liam arching an eyebrow. “I had a nice rest too. Thanks for asking.”

It was early in the morning for heaven’s sake. How was he always so energetic? “Why are you in front of my locker, Steve?”

“Dude,” Steve chuckled lightly. “Cut me some slack, will you?”

“Okay,” Liam replied. “So why are you in front of my locker?”

“I’m not in front of your locker.”

“You bloody are.”

“No, I’m not,” Steve insisted. “I just happen to be standing by the locker next to my locker.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Liam was tired. “This is my locker. Your locker is nowhere nearby.”

“Well, that was in the past,” Steve replied, leaning on the locker next to Liam’s. “Isn’t it all just so coincidental that the people in charge just decided to change my locker?”

“So you’re saying your locker go
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