"School's closed for a week!"

The unexpected announcement give life to a positive response from the crowd. It was like music to their ears to hear school was going to be locked.

It was a Monday morning and they were ready to leave. Liam had spent the previous night in silence, going to bed immediately after shutting Jasmine up. He was positive Nick was avoiding him as much as he was- he didn't sleep in the tent that night.

Liam was avoiding Steve and he knew it. He packed his bags and left to wait by the bus alone. When it was time to get into the bus, he got in and sat in the farthest seat.

Liam caught Steve walking into the bus and he immediately shifted his gaze. Immediately, he shut his eyes and rested his head on the window.


He recognized the voice and knew it was best to not acknowledge it. Shutting his eyes even tighter, he ignored Steve's voic

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Is it just me that feels like choking the shit out of Stephen?!

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