So O'Connell, after finally getting his biological father's picture and name from his mom's safe, he started off his journey to go in search of his father. With the help of his Grandma Estella, who help flew him out of Nigeria to Drogheda, Ireland. 

The place seem cool, and people barely paid attention to him. Because he was like them too. His hair, his skin color. And he felt a tad better and didn't feel out of place anymore.

It was hard to find his father, because he was all alone in somewhere he had never been before. He just had the name and photo of his dad. And it was really hard for him. Being sixteen and all alone in Ireland with just his backpack, and important items inside the backpack.

He had blocked Raymond and his mom's numbers from calling him. Having decided that it was high time he start making decisions for himself.

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