Age 22

Sweat dripped down O'Connell's face, down to his neck and his under arms, as he rapidly bounced the ball thrice and dribbled pass his opponents aggressively.

Another opponent from his right made to take the ball, but he quickly did an ankle breaker crossover to his left. Where his teammate was and made to pass the ball to him. But O'Connell decide against it, because he felt the boy damn sluggish and less calculating so he changed his mind and dribbled down the court, with his heart thumping loudly in his chest. 

When he was quite close to the opponents net, he didn't jump, he just threw the ball and watched as it glided through the net and bounced on the floor. 

They were ten in Number who had arrived at the basketball court that evening and the coach splited them into two groups and made them play against eachother.

The game finally came to an end, and O'Connell's group won the other group.

In his group, O'Connell scored 1

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