Three months later.

It was 10pm in the night, and I was heading home from work, hoping my roommate Bentley had already ordered some take out meal, when a car drove out of nowhere, just to obstruct me from getting to my apartment which was just two blocks away. 

It was quite odd that someone would do this. Maybe it was Penelope O'Sullivan who had sent someone to come abduct me, so she could torture me to her satisfaction.

Or maybe not. Because I decided to cut off from my sexual relationship with Scott. I did it because I was already fed up. We were using ourselves just for pleasure. And maybe I wanted someone to genuinely care for me, and be mine alone.

I tucked my hands inside my pocket, as I waited for the person to come out of the car.

And right at that moment, someone hopped out of the car. 

He was as tall as I was, and had a huge trained physique. But I couldn't see his face properly, since it he chose to stand at

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