"P-please" was all I was able to say.

A small part of me couldn't help but feel disappointed in myself. I felt pathetic begging for my life, like a loser. But the bigger part of me wanted to live. I was pretty much desperate to live. More like I was afraid to die.

He flounced in my direction briskly with a large tread and was in front of me within a few steps. I pressed myself further against the wall, trying to create as much distance as I could, but he threads his fingers through my hair, tugs it roughly. I cry out in pain as my scalp burns.

"Stop...Please "I cried, desperately trying to pull myself out of his painful clutch. My grey orbs were fixed to his stone-cooled ones as I looked for mercy but found none.

"Stop?" I received a chuckle from him. A bone-chilling chuckle "It just stared babe and you're already scared." All the fake amusement flung from his face as his demeanor turned into a predatory. And unfortunately, I happened to be his prey. In general, he was a wolf and I was a rabbit.

He started dragging me outside by my hair. My scalp burned with the pressure he was applying. I was hysterical at this point, struggling like a madwoman, but my struggle did not faze him at all.

"Please.... stop. You are hurting me" I begged as I tried to pry his hand off my hair, only for him to tighten his grip, making me scream in agony. As we entered my room, he pushed me, making me fall to the ground. I let out a wince at the impact.

I was very bad when it came to tolerating the pain. My family had praised me like a princess even though I belonged to a middle-class family. I can count on my fingers the number of times they have scolded me. I kept my head downstairs, I was scared I would faint if I looked at him.

"So you found the little bird," another voice said. Amusement is clear in his tone. I didn't even have to look.

The creepy man let out a snort "Bird more like a slut". I couldn't help the anger that rose inside me. How dare he call me bitch? When I haven't had my first kiss yet. I wanted nothing but to kick him again, but this time with much more force than I used earlier, but I knew better than to wake a sleeping lion. I was at a liability and it would be wise to let my anger get the best of me. At least not now. Maybe later, that too, if I am alive.

"Aww.... Dean had no need to get angry at the little girl. Can you blame her? See much have better petrified" Said the second voice.

I would have been grateful to whoever said it if I hadn't detected the mockery in his tone. He was just making things hard for me by provoking the creepy guy whose name I learned as Dean.

"Look at me," Dean said, more like a demand, ignoring the man whose name I still didn't know, but I didn't bother. I know it was stupid for me to disobey him in such a situation. Honestly, I wasn't acting stubborn. I was just too scared to face him.

"Don't make me ask twice," he said again when I showed no sign of moving. But this time, I felt a little nudge by someone's foot , maybe Dean's. Having no option despite my hesitation, I did as told and raised my head to look at him.

My eyes enlarged when I saw him aiming his gun straight at my head. So, that is it, I am going to die now. Maybe it'd be better if I died. I don't have anyone to live for anyway. They have already killed my family.

"Any last wish," he asks as he unlocks the safety of the gun. I shook my head slightly as my eyes shut on their own. What was he thinking I would order a burger in the last few minutes if not seconds of my life?

"Well, Bye-bye then," Dean said. I waited for the gun to fire and explode my head but it never came, even after a minute had passed. Having some courage, I slowly peeled my eyes open to see a third of the intruders grabbing Dean's hand.

They were communicating silently through their eyes. Dean let out a groan of annoyance before putting the gun out of my face. I can't help but let out a sigh.

"Ivan, are you sure? I don't think letting her live is a good idea," Dean said. He almost sounds frustrated. What an ass. I can't help but throw a hateful glare at him. Of course, he wasn't looking.

"Don't worry about her. I'll take care of her,``said the man who saved me. Well, I should consider him as a savior, because I still don't have any idea what was going to happen to me.

On the other hand, I don't know, there was something in his voice that made me shiver but not in a good way. His aura screamed danger and demanded respect. I could say this man doesn't accept the word No. He should be someone who commands others and does not take orders from anyone.

Dean snapped his head towards me aggressively and shot me a glare, making my gaze drop. What is his problem with me? Why is he so hell bent on killing me?

"Bring her," the man named Ivan said. Dean was about to grab my arm but before he could, Ivan stopped him.

"Not you Dean," This only seemed to further anger Dean.

"What's with you, Ivan? Aren't you showing a little too much interest in this slut" Dean said, more like... growled. His voice was drenched with hate.

"Are you questioning me, Dean," Ivan calmly asked, but there was an undertone that I didn't miss. Dean's face grimaced into a scowl, but he held his tongue. He backed away from me and the other man came forward. Whose name I still had to know.

His long and thick fingers came out and tightly wrapped around my arm muscles and hoisted me up, but I immediately began to panic. As a natural instinct, I began to struggle and try to push his hand away. I saw Ivan and Dean turning on their heels and walking out of the room.

"Little bird stop before I call Dean back and let him handle you. I am sure you don't want it. Do you?" He threatens even though I don't find anger in his tone. I instantly stopped struggling, not only because I didn't want Dean anywhere near me, but I doubted my struggling would help me.

I looked at him and shook my head, but that didn't seem to satisfy him.

"Words little bird," he probes. What with the nickname?

"N-No, please-e don't bring h-him," I shuttered.

"Good girl" He praises me with a slight pat on my head. What's wrong with this man? Why is he acting like we are companions?

His hands slid down my arms until they were fixed on my wrists. Without giving me a moment, he dragged me out of the room. He was surprisingly gentle with me while he was dragging me all the way downstairs, then outside my house. I saw Ivan and Dean already sitting in the back seat of the white van.

Maybe I can scream for help. I'm sure someone will hear my screams for help and maybe come to my aid. I wasn't sure though it would help. There were hardly a few residences around the area where I live. Most of them are either at work or at school at this time. Even though I live in a very small town, I've always loved this place, but now I hate it.

But still, I decided to take my chance just if anyone was in their house. I was about to open my mouth to let out a shriek but he tightened his grip on my arm painfully.

"Ow," I groan in pain.

"Don't even think about it", he whispered in my ear. His breath fanned against my skin. Does he know what I was doing? No, how would he know?

"I-I don't know. W-what are you talking about?" I tried to come out confident and act innocent but it came out like a squeak.

"Trying to act smart are we now?" A hint of anger in his tone and my breath hitched.

"I'm sorry. I w-won't do it again." I apologize without any hesitation. There was no point in lying, it would only put me in more trouble than I already am.

"Next time, try something like that. I'll show you what animal I can be," His tone is sharp and assertive. He tightens his grip further. I know this is a warning.

"I-It won't h-happen-n again-in," I said in hope that would satisfy him. Thankfully, his hold on to my wrists loosens but he doesn't release it.

"What are you two doing there? Get inside before anyone else sees us here," Ivan says out of the blue, getting both of our attention.

The man holding me doesn't respond but lightly nudges my arm. It was enough for me to know he wanted me to get inside the van. I have no option but to obey. I climbed into the back seat of the van where Dean and Ivan were seated. The man holding me opens the driver's seat door before getting inside and closes the door a little too loudly. The seats were slanted from each other, our seats facing each other.

"What were the two talking about there?" Dean asked the man holding me. Oh no, what he tells them about my unsuccessful plan.

"Nothing, it's mine and the little bird's little secret, right?" I can't believe he didn't complain about me.

"I guess so" My tone was scarcely distinct but he overheard it because he let out a cackle. Dean, on the other hand, lets out a snort, whereas Ivan completely ignores us. His full attention was on his phone screen as he typed something furiously.

"Let's go now. I can't wait to get out of here," Dean says. The next time, the engine vibrates in life and the car starts to move.

At this point, I wasn't even sure who was the worst Dean, Ivan, or the guy who was holding me, whose name I hadn't learned yet. What am I even thinking? They are animals... vicious animals. They killed my parents.

Suddenly, I felt like someone was strangling me, as I found difficulty breathing. I felt nothing but a dull ache in my chest at the image of my parents' dead bodies, which was still fresh in my mind. Before I know, a sob beckons me and my lips begin to tremble. Soon followed by a non-stop waterfall.

It had been around fifteen minutes on the road and I couldn't stop crying. No one bothered me, they were all busy in their own world. Five more minutes pass, then Dean, the volcano erupts out of nowhere.

"SHUT UP WILL YOU" He screeched, making me jump slightly.

"Dean," Ivan said, moving Dean's attention towards him.

"No, Ivan... This girl is getting into my nerves" Before Ivan could say anything, Dean returned his attention to me with an outraged expression, making me gulp. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought he was possessed by an evil spirit. But then how can one evil possess another evil?

"If you make any noise further then I will shoot you right at your vocal cord," he threatened. His voice was laid with annoyance and anger.

My eyes widen at his threat as my hand moves on my neck. I don't know why I did that, maybe on instinct. I flicked my gaze towards Ivan in the hope he would help me, but he just watched me with amusement-filled eyes as the sides of his lips quivered a bit.

"I'm-m sorry. I'll stay-y quiet now," I replied as I wiped my tears with the back of my hand.

"You were better for your own good", Dean threatened me for the last time before looking out of the tinted car window.

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