Chapter 06: Thank You My Sunshine

At School.

Rose falls own and she get hurt on her nose.

“ouch fuck” Rose screamed.

“Shit Rose” Freya said in shocked.

“Fuck my nose” Rose said while touching her nose

“Are you okay baby” Freya asked her Grabbing her shoulder.

“I am not okay it’s paining man what if I get a plastic surgery” Rose replied.

Paul listened this and gave her a look.

“You have gone mad don’t talk foolish” Freya said.

“Seriously that’s not small.

"You idiot are you not ashamed of what you did why did you leave me?” Rose said to Paul

“Have you run out from some mental hospital? You only said e to leave” Paul said.

“Yeah He is right you only told him that how dare you to touch me leave me immediately so that’s why he left you” Freya said like a child.

“Oh, you shut up, and you Mr. Paul" She Stand up angrily.

"I will not spare you I am going now to file a complaint against you. You tried to harm a girl wait and watch how they will throw you out of this school” Rose said angrily.

Rose was willing to go outside but Paul hold her hand.

“You", Rose tries to beat him with her hands but Paul hold her both hands pinned her in the wall

"Bastard leave me” Rose was screaming in Angry

“Paul what are doing” Freya asked

“Freya please bring me a first aid box go and see if principal is there if not then bring it from his cabin” Paul said.

“Yeah okay I will bring it right away” Freya said.

Freya left the scene.

“You road side leave me right away leave I said.” Rose said.

Rose started to beat Paul with her legs, now at this moment Paul goes crazy and he pinned her too hard on the wall.

“Shut the fuck up just shut your mouth you idiot if you speak a word, I will throw you out of the window” Paul said in angry

Both are staring each other's in angrily at the same moment Freya enters with the first aid box.

“Paul, I got it” Freya Said while showing the first aid kit

Paul immediately took the first aid box with one hand and holds rose hand with the another and he took the bandage and push it to her nose.

“Damn Jesus” Rose screamed in pain

“Oh, fuck” Freya was shocked seeing them.

“Oh, shut up please", he took both of his hand on his ears

"It’s just a small cut and you are acting like a maniac god dammit.” Paul said.

Rose kicks Paul as she was very angry.

“You idiot now If anybody ask me how did I got hurt what will I tell them” Rose said.

“oh, tell them you fall down in the washroom lol” Paul said.

Freya also laughed listening to him.

“Shut up it’s not the time for fun I am going I don’t wanna talk” Rose said.

“Oh, Ma’am who will do the cleaning here” Paul said.

“Do hell with your punishment I don’t care I will leave this school but will not do this type of things” Rose said angrily and left from there.

“What the hell doesn’t know anything to do rich brat” Paul cursed.

“Paul wait let her go I will handle this it’s okay” Freya said.

“Are you serious? All this will take century to clean you will be too tired dear” Paul said.

“It’s okay she is my best friend she has really got hurt that’s why et me handle it” Freya said.

“Okay fine but let me help you doing it, it will be easy for you” Paul said.

Paul and Freya both help each other to clean up the mess together.


At Canteen

Hope and Ryan got the duty for canteen side today.

“I will the things of this side can you please help me cleaning the plates Mr. Ryan.” Hope said.

“Dude I don’t understand one thing we are of the same age same class same then do we need to do this Mr. and Miss I feel like a old sounds so please just call me with my name” Ryan said.

Listening this hope started to laugh The way Ryan was pouting anybody will laugh.

“Huh am I looking like a jocker” Ryan asked.

“Hahaha sorry dude” Hope said laughing.

“I don’t want your sorry from today you are not calling me Mr. Ryan that’s it” Ryan said.

“Hahaha Okay Ryan now we are good?” Hope asked.

Ryan pulled her cheeks and said “Good that’s like my girl Now let’s get back to work then Extra classes will be start one hour from now”

Hope smiles and take the vacuum cleaner and starts cleaning the area Rya also helps her in this.

“OMG this much plates Ryan you are gone today” Ryan said to himself.

Ryan takes a plate and try to wash it but it falls and break.

“What the Heck aghhh” Ryan angrily said.

“What happen Ryan are you okay?” Hope asked being worried.

“Yes I am fine” Ryan.

Ryan try to do it again but it again slips and fall down

“Fuck it how to do this it always slips off my hand” Ryan said feeling useless.

“Huh you never washed a plate before?” Hope asked shockingly.


"No actually every corner of our house is served by the maids and servents that's why i didn't do any of this and i don't know how to do it, infact a glass of water is being brought by them so.." Ryan said slowly

Hope understood that Ryan is a rich child and he does not know anything.

"Oh, so that's the matter it's okay let me help you don't worry" hope said and smiled sweetly.

At first Hope does the cleaning and then she goes to Ryan and she ties up her hairs to a bun at that moment Ryan saw her and just he lost in her innocence.

She was looking damn hot and beautiful.

"Let's finish this soon okay? " Hope said.

Ryan hold her hands and said

"Nope it's my duty how could you do this you have already done enough."

"Ohhoo How could i not do this you don't know how to wash those plates then it's out duty na yo complete all this let me do this na" Hope said sweetly.

Ryan though for a while and said

"No let's do one thing you teach me how to wash dishes."

"Whattt but you your style is different na i mean look at you. you neven have done this before" Hope said shockingly.

"Dude what if i am rich i should know some of the house hold activities na. Actually my dad is a professional so that's why every section has a servant so i didn't have to do my works but this is not fair na we have to learn and that's why for know will you be my teacher Miss Hope? " Ryan asked with a smile.

"Hahahaha Mr. Topper no no i will teach you not as a teacher but as a friend."

"Anything you do" Ryan said in love

"Okay Ryan Look here take soup wash in one hand and take the dish plate in another and drop some of the liquid in the plate and wet the sponge and rub it on the plate to create some foam and then wash it. Okay? Is it clear?" Hope said seriously.

"Okay give me i will try it" Ryan said and took one plate and then pour all the liquid dish washes into it.

"Damnn wait wait wait not like this you don't have to pour the whole liquid few drops are enough." Hope said scarily laughing.

"We have to use this things very carefuly we can't waste too much na not listen to me 2-3 drops are enough okayy?" Hope said making him understand.

"Okay sunshine" Ryan said lovingly.

Listening Ryan calling her sunshine she got goosebumps all over her body as ge was effecting her a lot.

Ryan slowly starts off to wash the plates at starting he was a bit clumsy but eventually he learned how to do it.

"Hope sweetheart see i have it ahh i am so happy woohho " Ryan said hugging her with his soapy hands.

"Oh my Good boy well done huh" Hope said smilimg.

"Thank you so much my teacher you taught me how to or else i can't do it" Ryan said jumping.

Suddenly the Peon comes there.

"Students you did your work right?" Peon asked.

Ryan maintains a safe distance from hope and said

"Yes we have completed all"

"Okay Miss Jasmine told you to meet her at the staff room so please go there on time." Peon said.

"Huh There's still 20 mins left for the class why is calling us right now what if she gives us some extra task oh god." Hope said banging het forhead.

"Chill chill Nothing to worry maybe she called us to explain the schedule let's go" Ryan said laughing.

Freya and Paul has completed there works and goes to the staff room.

"Oh god Today's work is done now more 30 days to go " Freya said holding her head.

"For what? " Paul asked.

"More 30 days for this punishment till them i am gonna hurt my back my legs" Freya said.

Paul laughed seeing her like this.

"Yeah that's true though but by the way you are too different from others i mean in a nice way then why did you choose Rose as your friend i mean there's a huge gap between both of you." Paul asked

"Why do you hate her so much?" Freya asked laughing.

"So many reason's to hate her i can't say one reason i just don't like her as a whole she is full of attitude and self arrogance " Paul said seriously.

"I agree she has a attitude problem but she is nice not as you see her but trust me she is a kind girl.

She is the princess of her dad that's why she did everything she wanted and That's the reason why she is like this now." Freya said.

Paul doesn't judge her further and both of them came out from the staff room.

At the same time paul saw Ryan and hope coming together.

Paul takes Hope's hand and separate both of them.

"Brother" Hope said shocked

"What are you doing with him" Paul said while pointed to ryan

Ryan goes from there as he saw paul in angry.

"Why are you talking so rudely paul? He is our classmate and he helped me today cleaning" Hope asked.

"Fine" Paul said quietly.

Everybody goes to the staff-room together.

Teacher jasmin sat down on her cabin.

"Is everybody here?" Miss asked

"I guess No! Rose is missing. Ryan where is your sister?Don't say you sent her home cmmon dude you can't sent her like that even if you are the head." Zach said.

"Don't say nonsense i don't know where she is she was here a moment ago freya where is she?" Ryan asked.

"Relax students i sent her back home she was a little injured that's why" Miss said to them.

"What she got hurt? but how? and how is she how could she ho like this without even talking with me.." Ryan asked desperately.

"Ryan she is fine and you were in duty i didn't want you to get disturbed. And one more thing she reached homd don't worry" Miss said making him understand.

Ryan doesn't wanted to create a scene that's why he kept mum.

"Maam you asked everyone to came is there something you wanted to tell us?" Paul asked suddenly.

"Oh yeah you all can go home now" Miss said calmly.

"Whaatttt?" All were shocked.

"Today no one is available for the lecture and we have a meeting to attend so all of you can go but from tomorrow you have to stay until 7. " Miss said.

Everyone were happy they got to go home before the time.

Ryan come out amd calls Rose.

But rose didn't pick his call amd he was tensed.

Seeing him like that Hope came to him.

"Ryan don't worry, Miss has told that she is fine amd she will get well soon go home and take care of her" Hope said with smile

"Yeah Bye hope" Ryan said.

"Bye Take care" Hope said.

Paul see them talking.

He is angry like hel and close his fist tightly.

Suddenly Zach comes and said to paul

"I don't know if i should interfere in your life or not but now you are my Friend and Hope is likey sister i think you should keep a distance from Ryam and also make you sister understand that he is not a good boy he will play with her amd left her all alone"


Rose was very angry she took her pillow and bedsheets and throw everything outside of her room.

"How dare he to talk me with so much of attitude how dare he disrespect me, i will not leave him i will destroy him." Rose murmured herself

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