Chapter 10: He is coming back

50 Shades of Puberty

Chapter 10: He Is Coming back

Location School

Evening Time.

"I Like you man" Rose said while kiss him on his cheeks.

Paul was shocked to even react anything, he was staring at Rose like he saw somewhat of a ghost LOL.

After gaining his posture he reach for her cheeks slowly touching with his fingers meanwhile Rose thought that he melt under her touch nut instead Paul shoved her poking her forehead.

(Damn that was funny)

"WTF" somewhat she said in disappointed.

"I am that Badass Bastard that is not going to fall in your cheap tactics baby. What where you are stepping it's a fire that will burn you." Paul said in a duh tone.

"You, idiotic bastard are you even a boy dammit how can someone not fall in my charms. I am having doubt regarding you seriously not even a single person ignored my touch or felt nothing until you showed up.Tell me the
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