Flirt#2: That brat is a flirt!


Sa punto d’ bista ni Maximillan.


Sumasakit na ang ulo ko sa batang iyon. Hindi ko alam kung dahil bago ako dito sa university kaya pinagtitripan ako ng brat na iyon. Gusto ko siyang ihagis sa labas ng building that time na hinalikan niya ako, it wasn’t my first time. Of course, I almost got married three years ago. Speaking of my ex-fiancé, that itch woman…

Anyway, let’s not talk about her. I can see the resemblance of that woman with that brat. Pareho silang trouble maker is immature. I can see Ms. Fuanteen as a brat who always does as she pleases. She won’t back down; all I have to do is reject and have my guard up whenever she is around. The time will pass by and she will be exhausted chasing me around. I will just wait for her to find a new toy.

Alright, let’s not waste this job position. 

Going back with that brat… she’s bolder than I expected. She used to smile at me seductively for the past month, then one day she became a mad dog that bites everyone. I did not expect her to visit me on my office that day, akala ko that time ay may concern lang siya sa klase since siya ang president ng section nila ay may leeway siya na puntahan ako sa office. I was busy with paperworks and lesson plans, sino ba namang mag-aakalang bigla niyang hihilahin ang necktie ko at mas lalong hindi ko inaasahan na bigla niya akong hahalikan.

Her lips… it’s soft, small and swe-

Muntik ko nang masabi na sweet. What the hell is wrong with me? I am not romance nor sex starve, why am I even rewinding that kiss on my head? Seriously, may problema siguro sa utak ang batang iyon. Walang matinong babae ang bigla-biglang magsasabi na i-date siya ng matandang gaya ko. She’s only 20, lampas sampung taon ang agwat namin at for pete’s sake, she’s my student. It’s like asking me to quit my job and die.

“I am breaking up with you. Anong mahirap intindihin sa sinabi ko, unless stupid ka.”

Hindi ko inaasahan na marinig iyon sa may nakabukas na stock room. That voice, I think it’s familiar…

“Liah, what did I do wrong? We only dated for three months, why are you dumping me already?”

Hindi ako tsismosong klase ng tao pero nanatili ako at pinakinggan pa ang usapan nila. That woman is so heartless and why do I pity that guy? Maybe because I see my pitiful self.

“That handsome face of yours is the only thing that attracts me. Your status and money are nothing compared to my family. I learned that dating such a loser won’t do me any good. Go find a woman that is of your standing. I won’t keep on dating a loser.”

That is below the belt, she is crushing his spirit! 

Nagmamadaling lumabas iyong lalaki, nabunggo pa nga ako. Sumunod naman na lumabas ay ang brat na estudyante ko. Inirapan niya ako at nilampasan. Shouldn’t I be happy na hindi niya ako ginagambala? She seems to be on bad mood, siya pa ang badtrip pagkatapos niyang paiyakin iyong lalaki kanina?! Just wow, what a scary woman.

“I heard everything. Why did you do that? You could have broken up with him without hurting him like that.” This is crazy! I grabbed her hand just to scold her. Why am I even sticking my nose on this messed up woman’s business? 

“It’s none of your business. If you want to get involved with my business you should date me then.”

Napaatras ako sa biglaang pagbabago ng mood niya. Right now, she’s looking at me with her fox shape eye. 

“How shameless can you get? After breaking up with that guy, you are asking your dean for an indecent and ridiculous matter?”

Mabuti na lang at walang masyadong estudyante sa area na ito sa ganitong oras. Ma-issue pa ako sa batang ito kung sakaling may makakarinig ng pinagsasabi niya.

“Anyway, I have spare unlabeled relationships. He is not a loss for; besides I will break all those guys heart.” 

Liah has a good image, everyone adores her intelligence, influence and leadership. She’s a woman who run the council that represents the grievances of Elyssians. It’s a surprise that this woman is viscous and rotten from core. Hindi ko alam kung paanong nagagawa niyang itago ang personalidad niya na mapaglaro ng lalaki. Wala ni isang lumabas sa university portal na masamang balita tungkol sa ugali niya, money works after all.

“If you have trauma or what with relationships, you should stop tormenting others because of your failed relationship.”

In psychology, if someone is acting bitch with relationships and commitments, that person must have bad experiences with relationships, so I assumed she must have had a bad experience and she wanted the person around her to suffer from a nerve- wrecking heartbreak. Namutla ang mukha niya atsaka tinitigan ako na para bang bigla na lang siyang mananaksak. 

“Are you calling out my toxic trait then? Are you lecturing me right now? I believe you are my constitution professor but this topic is not something that you can teach me.”

“This is a life lesson. Your smart brain is nothing if your character is full of flaws.”

“Flaws? Are you telling me you have no flaws then? Feeling mo ba anak ka ng diyos, are you perfect?” 

Anong klaseng analogy ba mayroon ang batang ito? Napaka-messed up ng rationality niya.

“I am not saying I am perfect and I don’t need to be holy just to correct your traits. You are fooling around and hurting other people, Ms. Faunteen.”

“If you keep on lecturing me about your values, I might lose my interest in you. So, stop blabbering gibberish values on me. You don’t even know what kind of jerk that person is, yet you dare judge my character huh?” She pushed me aside and didn’t even look back. 

Isn’t it a good thing na mawalan siya ng interest sa akin? But why do I keep on getting curious about that look of cold expression on her face? She is clearly a messed-up brat… why do I feel like she’s asking me to watch over her?

Why am I feeling guilty seeing that empty expression on her face?

What’s your deal Ms. Merliah Faunteen? If you keep on acting like a brat, no one will stand by your side at the end. Who would want to stay with a toxic person after all?

I should not be interested in her but why do I fear what her future would be? She clearly has what everyone would dream to have…Why am I worrying over her?

No, let’s just ignore her as much as possible. I’ll be in trouble if I keep on sticking my nose with that messed up and immature brat. I should keep my guard up, what if she went mad again and did a crazy thing at me again?

After all, that brat is unpredictable...

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