They next morning I had gone through rigorous training with Jereum for the entire morning and when I got back I had slept throughout the day. Tia had told me—before I slept—that she would be going to hunt and Jhan had gone for a patrol with Jereum. It was just me and Leya at home. I woke up at three in the afternoon, the sun was shining brightly and all the curtains were closed against the yellow light, filtering it and allowing only the bright white light to pass, not harmful to us vampires.

I went to the parlour and saw no sign of Leya; she must have been in her room. I walked back through the short corridor and stopped at the door closer to mine at the left. I knocked gently three times, and I heard the sound of ceramic breaking, from inside her room.

“Leya are you okay?” I asked.

“Kaldar?” She asked, “You can come in.”

Gently twisting the door knob, I opened the door and stepped into her

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