They had all remained silent after Alicia's projection had vanished. None of them said anything to the other, everyone just remained silent, mostly because they were all shocked by Alicia's ability to project her consciousness across realms. The goddesses were capable of doing such things, but a demi goddess, that hadn't been seen before at least by them. Jenniri was the first to break the silence, she hated quiet and tension mixed together. Especially when it involved this particular group. If Cassandra and Demonya were here it would be a serious issue.

"So, I take it we're all just going to sit and wait for Alicia to come back. You all realize that her reasoning for not fighting the Collective won't help or change anything, because the problem isn't Alicia it's us. The decisions we've made that brought us here is the issue at hand."

A nod from Sabrina and Carmen could be seen by Jenniri, Ivy and Helena stayed silent. Jenniri shook her head

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