Proclamation of War

It was indeed something to behold, it stood as a testament of authority and seat of power for the Collective. The last time she had stood within its halls she was what the Goddesses of old called a new creature. A Celestial who still possessed some form of innocence and small power among beings whose prowess she wouldn't dare challenge. There had been those who did indeed try, they had either been banished or worse. She had made sure that she would never join their numbers, and rightly so. She knew that her sisters would one need her leadership and divine wisdom to one day challenge the Collective and bring justice upon them. Maybe, just maybe that day had come.

Virdenasha the leader of the Council of Goddesses and Supreme Ruler of the Four Kingdoms sat in her seat within the Hall of the Ancients. Here she had aided in the governing of Paradea and led the Goddesses for many millennia. It was here only hours ago that she had learned of Viennashal Iminz and Lord A

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