Stay Away From Me! 9

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Shin Hye: Or hate it.

Si-Yeong: And please tell us why.

Park Jay: Thank you.

Hyun Seo: I can't find my soulmate.

Author: *Sigh, why are you here?

Hyun Seo: I can't find my soulmate.

Author: If you have nothing important to say, please leave.

Hyun Seo: You're acting more like Tae Jin.

Author:............. Leave.

Hyun Seo: Come on, don't be rude.

Author: Leave now!!!!

Hyun Seo: Hold on don't chase me out yet!!!!!

Shin Hye: *Sigh, chapter 9 begins.

Park Jay: Please..........

Shin Hye: Oh, PJ, you're coming for the dinner right?

Park Jay: I'm still thinking about it.

Shin Hye: Come on, please agree.

Park Jay: I..........

Author: Not here you two!


His........Hae Jin......he was really here.

Just like he heard in his dream,.........he was really here.

Tae Jin exclaimed in shock as he stared at Hae Jin who was in Chae Joon's arms as the guy kneeled.

Chae J
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