Waiting for you 33

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Tae Jin: That b***h is lying!!

Author: Okay Tae Jin, we get it.

Tae Jin: She's definitely lying!

Author: Okay, chapter 33 begins now.

Tae Jin: She's lying!!

Author: I'm leaving.


"Kim Hee Soo? My girlfriend?" Hae Jin asked, still surprised.

He (Hae Jin) had a girlfriend?


This was surprising!

"Don't lie! That girl" Tae Jin pointed a finger at the grade 3 evil ghost.

"Said Hae Jin is your crush! You guys were not dating!" He (Tae Jin) yelled out, angry.

Annoyed, rolling her eyes, "Fine! We were friends" the grade 3 evil ghost, whose name we now know is Kim Hee Soo said.

*Sigh, Tae Jin breathed out in relief in mind.

Hold on, why was he relief?!

This......this was just crazy!!

"We were friends?" Hae Jin asked.

This.....this was news!

Hold on........the school uniform she (Hee Soo) wore........

"I've been waiting for you" Hee Soo said, gaining his (Hae Jin) attention.

"And it looks like he doesn't remember you"

"Park Soli shut up!" Hee Soo said to the grade 3 evil ghost, Park Soli.

Glaring at her.

Did she (Soli) really have to say that?!

"What happened to you?" Hae Jin asked and she looked at him.

Hae Jin really didn't remember?

"You don't remember? I died in third year. I was murdered here" Hee Soo said.

He (Hae Jin)....... didn't remember.

Also, he didn't find her familiar.

He didn't experience any headache or episode when he saw her.

Why was that?

"I killed my murderer who came back (To the school) to murder someone else and I turned into an evil ghost"

Oh, that was it.

Hee Soo was murdered.

*Sigh, Hae Jin sighed in mind, he (Hae Jin) can't remember.

Hold on,......did she say she died here?


"I watched over you until you graduated with your friends. I always knew you're come back and we'll meet again. I just.......I didn't know we'll meet as ghosts. What happened to you?" She (Hee Soo) asked.

"I don't know. I have no memories of my past life" Hae Jin answered.

"Right. Then.......I guess, you're in this world because of the first reason"

"Yes" Hae Jin confirmed.

"I'll love to tell you everything I know about you, but then.......I don't think I should" Hee Soo said the last part, looking at Tae Jin.

"You can't leave the important people you have in your life now" she said, smiling at Tae Jin.

Surprised by her words, Tae Jin thought,

What he (Tae Jin) was starting to like her.

"After I find out about my past life, how I died, I'll cross over if I want to. I don't want to, not so soon" Hae Jin said, looking at Hee Soo who also look at him, smiling.

Tae Jin stared at his hyung, happy to hear this.

At the same devastated, because his hyung won't look at him.

Was he that angry?

"By the way, how's your bunny?" Hee Soo asked, surprising everyone in the room.

"My bunny?" Hae Jin asked.

"Don't tell me you don't remember him as well" Hee Soo asked and Soli came closer.

Coming to a stop beside Hee Soo and in front of Tae Jin.

"You only told me stories about him and never introduced him. You didn't even show me a picture of him! You were so protective of him" Hee Soo said, smiling.

'Bunny?' who was this? Hae Jin asked himself

The camera on Chae Joon,

Sung Yoon: The what?!

Author: You're not supposed to be here. Go away.

Sung Yoon: Okay, fine! I'm leaving.

Author: Great!

Anyways, Chae Joon was still in shock.

'Bunny' Hae Jin told Hee Soo about bunny?

Who else knew?

Chae Joon thought.

"Well, that's all I can say. I think you should find out about Bunny yourself" Hee Soo said.


This girl knew a lot about him and though he still didn't want to find out because he didn't want to cross over this soon......... He (Hae Jin) was so curious to know more!

"Listen Hae Jin,........I don't know what happened to you but............ I'm sure you'll get through everything. You can face your past because you're strong. Always have been" Hee Soo said and they (Hae Jin and Hee Soo) stared at each other.

One smiling and the other, not knowing what to say.

He was strong?

Always have been?

Hae Jin.......Hae Jin didn't think so.

He always cry like a baby when facing a situation.

This was hard for him to believe.

"Okay, anyone going to ask how I died?" Soli asked, a deep frown on her beautiful face.

They smiled, looking at her.

"Fine, tell us" Se Jong said, smiling.

"I was also killed here. I've forgotten the year, day and time that I died because is not important to me anymore. I was killed by my bullies. Coming back to life as a ghost, I killed them and then, turned into an evil ghost" Soli said, shocking everyone except Hee Soo who already knew about this.

Hee Soo always helped Soli when she was getting bullied.

But the day it got very serious and she ended up dead, she (Hee Soo) wasn't around.

And that's why she couldn't help her, save her.


"I told you not to but you didn't listen to me" Hee Soo said.

When Soli came back as a ghost, wanting vengeance, Hee Soo tried her best to stop her because she knew what would happen next but Soli didn't listen.

And now, she was just like her (Hee Soo)

"Sorry" Soli apologized to Hee Soo and she rolled her eyes, before saying, "Is too late for that don't you think?"

"No wonder the school has been taking extreme measures against bullying" Tae Jin said.

"I'm sorry, I used my trap on you guys,....... sorry for attacking you" Soli apologized, looking sorry.

"I'm also sorry. I sensed two hunters and I felt threatened. That's why I sent Soli to deal with you guys. If I knew you were here Hae Jin, I wouldn't have done that" Hee Soo also apologized.

She didn't want to cross over yet.

And she had good reasons.

Well,......the reasons were good in her book.


"I've been waiting for the day I'll meet you again Hae Jin, and you're finally here. Please save me now. I'll like to die in your hands" Hee Soo said, smiling.

This was the very reason why she didn't want to cross over.

She wanted to see Tae Jin for the last time before she crossed over.

But then,.....she didn't know they'll meet again as ghosts.

Him (Hae Jin) being a hunter of evil ghosts, getting rid of her kinds.

However, she was glad to know that Hae Jin was one of them.

Seeing Hae Jin made her happy and she was more than happy to know that, she'll die in his hands.

This was perfect.

Waiting, was the right choice after all.

"I can't kill you" Hae Jin said, a serious look on his cute face.

Wow! He still looked, Hae Jin has gotten even more cute!!

Hee Soo thought, smiling and when she suddenly remembered that, Hae Jin didn't like it when he was called cute, she dismissed the smile and the words 'You're so cute' she was about to say out loud.

"We never killed anyone except our killers. We fed on bad thoughts, feels, to get this powerful! We also helped some students who were troubled, going through bad stuffs. So....." Soli said but she didn't get to finish her words,

"That's not it!" Hae Jin yelled, looking upset, "I just don't want to kill you" he said, looking at Hee Soo.

He looked so sad and this made Hee Soo unhappy but it had to be done.

She wanted to cross over now. There was nothing here for her anymore.

Her parents, friends already moved on and they were happy.

She has met Hae Jin again.

That was all she wanted.

"Do me a favor and do it" Hee Soo said and Soli added,

"Yes, I'll like to cross over with Hee Soo as well. She's my only friend and I don't want to leave her"

"Park Soli"

"Shut up" Soli yelled at her and Hee Soo stared at her, surprised.

"I'll go with you. I didn't object when you said you want to cross over" Soli said. Realizing there was nothing she could say or do to change Soli's mind, Hee Soo accepted defeat.

Smiling, she said "Do it Hae Jin" while staring at Soli, smiling at her.

She smiled back and Hee Soo felt she made the right decision, befriending Soli.

"Please" she (Hee Soo) said to Hae Jin.


There was nothing he could do right?

Yes, there was nothing he could do.

This was the only way to save them.

"Fine" Hae Jin agreed even though he didn't like it.

"I'm ready" he said and right then, his right hand began to glow, a bright light showing up.

Seconds later, his holy weapon appeared as well and almost immediately, the bright light dimmed down until it was gone completely and his hand stopped glowing as well.

Leaving behind just his holy weapon.

Both Hee Soo and Soli were surprised.

Hae Jin had a golden dagger.

He was a special one, favored.

Of course, Hee Soo thought, smiling.

Of course, Hae Jin......was just an amazing person. He led a good life.


He deserved this and more.

She (Hee Soo) thought, smiling.

Hae Jin came closer and while smiling, she closed her eyes, accepting her fate.

"You're save now" Hae Jin said as he stabbed Hee Soo in the heart.

Almost immediately, she began to fade and a soul, which was a white orb came out of her.

This must be the soul of her killer.

She consumed his soul after he died.

The orb also fade away till there was nothing left of it.

"Thank you Hae Jin. I never got to say this so I'll say it now. I love you Hae Jin" Hee Soo said, smiling at him.

Hae Jin smiled back, saying, "Thank you for loving me" and they watched as she fade away, until she was gone.

Gone forever.

*Sigh, Hae Jin sighed in mind, sad, this was always hard for him.

"You know, Hee Soo really loved you" Soli said with a smile, gaining their attentions.

Soli wasn't scared to cross over.

She wasn't upset, worried about Hee Soo because she knew Hee Soo would be fine.

She too.

"The day Hee Soo died, the killer, who was your teacher, tricked her. He used your phone which he confiscated because you were using it during class to send her a message. He asked her to meet him that night. Afterwards, he deleted the message"

"Hee Soo didn't reply back, in fact, she was so happy and couldn't even think of anything else except the dress to wear. She didn't think, didn't notice how suspicion this was. Why the school? Why not anywhere else? That stupid girl didn't think"

................. Hae Jin couldn't help but think it was his fault.

If only he didn't use his phone in class, got it taken............ none of this would have happened, right?

Come to think of it, it was clear.

He really did attend this school.

"She came over, alone, just like the message said.......... He killed her. To make sure you won't get into any trouble, Hee Soo learnt how to use her powers. Stole her phone from the killer and deleted the message. If they police saw the message he sent, they would have suspected you for killing her. And.......she didn't try to expose him because she wanted revenge herself"

"She......she really is one of a kind" Hae Jin said, feeling sad, again, he couldn't save another kind soul.

"That's because you were one of a kind Hae Jin. Your personality, your heart, drew all the good luck and the good people to you, Hee Soo said so and I can see it now...........But seeing you now and your state, I guess they didn't treat you right"

"I guess" Hae Jin said, head lowered down as he thought about his past life and the people near him, which he couldn't remember.

"I'm ready. I want to be with Hee Soo" Soli said, smiling.

Looking at Tae Jin with a serious look, she said,  "And you jerk"

Who? he? Tae Jin asked himself.

"Yes you, take care of Hae Jin. He means a lot to Hee Soo. Continue her mission"

"Oh, okay" Tae Jin answered.

But seriously! Did she have to call him 'Jerk'?

"Why didn't she come around after I left the school?" Hae Jin asked.

"He'll come back to me' she said and believed in it. That's all she told me" Soli answered.

This.......this hurt a lot.

This is one of the many reasons why he didn't want to know about his past life.

The pain, was unbearable!

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