12. 1114 AD The Toten

Anders had waited patiently hidden in the woods for Alice and her guards to leave Inga's house and to return through the woods back to the castle.  The poisoned arrow was ready to aim directly at her unsuspecting heart.

His revenge on the Schatten would be the greatest reward, after all the Elders has done to his family. The bitterness that he carried in his heart would last forever.  Why should he pay the price for the sins of his father?

Since he suffered on account of his father's sins, then Matthais would suffer too for the deeds of the Elders. 

That said, Anders wouldn't do any of the dirty work, he would leave that to the foot soldiers, safely hidden in place as well. 

He heard the little party approaching and as he took in Alice's beauty, for a fleeting second, he felt a pang of remorse about what they were about to do.  He let his mind wander and wondered if he should turn Alice for himself.  

Wouldn't that be

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