Chapter 8 - Sarael

I blame the mate bond. I also blame him. I am not the sort of woman that throws herself wantonly at any man. And I’ve seen my share of good-looking men. Human and supernatural alike. But John Kinsley… takes the cake. It took all I had to not throw myself at him when he walked out in just those basketball shorts. And this kiss! 

I don’t want to contemplate how he’s this good at kissing. I know if I do, that little green monster known as jealousy will rear its ugly head. I have no right to be jealous. He’s not mine. Or rather, he wasn’t mine. No, he isn’t mine. Fuck this mate bond shit is messing with my head. I had no idea it could affect a human like this. 

Am I getting hit double time because, unlike a werewolf, I only have one spirit inside me? That’s a thought for another time. For when I’m not in his arms, tasting him, touching him, and basicall


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Marry Hell Bgns
I didn’t like Logan in the first book, and still don’t !!
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Brandi Cooke
This story really has me hooked.
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lerato makhanya
can't wait for the next update.great book and the characters are well developed

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