Chapter 67 - John

For a moment, he stopped. Yellow eyes narrowed at me before growling and spitting out the leg, taking a step in my direction. Does this boy want to challenge me? Oh, this is not the time or place for his shit. “KURT STEPHAN ADLER, YOU WILL STAND DOWN! GODRIC! STAND DOWN NOW!” I commanded but readied for a fight. Kurt launched himself at me in a blind rage.

I was quick to catch him, stopping him from clamping his jaw into my shoulder. “I know you are angry. I know you are in pain. I know you are afraid. I’m all those things too. But they will be okay. Isis will be okay. Mikali healed her.” I offered calm assurances as he snarled, trying to bite me.

But as I said, Isis would be okay, and Mikali healed her, the fight slowly left him. Godric whimpered. ‘Really?’ Godric questioned. “Yes. I sent one of Sarael’s guards to watch over her as she was transported to the


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Francesca Delacruz
I need to find Logan’s story I hope it is as good as John’s
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Ryong Mal
............ I love this book so much! so enjoyable. pleasepleaseplease write more~ I'll definitely be checking out alllll of your other books ............
goodnovel comment avatar
Oh, you bet you will. Kurt is going to need some mentoring to be a good leader. and who better to do that than John

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