Epilogue - Sarael

In the two months since the new moon, life has become what I will call the new normal. John spends most nights at my house though sometimes we stay at the packhouse, usually on full moons when we join the pack for the run. Since that first full moon when I officially became Beta, the pack has treated me with respect. I think that fight certainly did the trick. 

We’ve settled into a routine regarding doing our day jobs as well as handling pack business. Aurelia has been more than happy to loop me into all she and Sybille have been working on. And I don’t mind taking on extra work to give her free time.

She’s growing another life. She should be taking it easy. Not having to get all worked up dealing with bigoted ass-munching, her word, old wolves to improve the quality of life and especially the education system of the pack.

Since she had a doctor’s appointment, I took over during the last meeting with the Sub Betas and School Board. To say they were not p


Anyone else thinking it's about damn time they officially moved in together and into the house he had built to live in with his mate? I can't believe this is ending. That all that's left is John's epilogue.

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Ok so where is Khalid???
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Bridgette Mcgarvin
This story…… I love watching your writing evolve as your stories/characters do. I found this series after reading the Alpha Chesed book and so happy I have. Now to the next….. keep ‘em coming you have a loyal reader here on your hands.
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Aurelia got a unique to her ring with a pear cur moonstone

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