Chapter 6 - Yūri

It’s been three days since my blowout with my father. Mayu, Hachiro, and I have been staying at the beach house. However, I’ve not spent much time there, having crashed with Trevor and Sebastian for a couple of days. It was fun and a good way to relax. Also, Trevor made the minor repairs to my baby after the whole crashing through the gate. And it lets Mayu and Hachiro have the place to themselves.

Let them play house. It’ll be good for them. And me getting away from the compound was good for me. To get away from my father and the urge to slit his throat. My blade still thirsts for his blood. Kitsune still desires his head on a pike. But that needed to be thought through. I was planning my rebellion, gathering my followers.

A number in the clan, especially of my generation, was more than willing to follow me instead of my father. I was out in town today meeting with some of them. Make sure they know that I’m not going to hide in the compound, unlike my father. I will handle my business myself. I don’t want to be the person they blindly follow out of a fear of the unknown. 

Many of the clan haven’t seen my father's face in the entire time they’ve been with us. I’ve also realized dealing with them that they know the name Kitsune better than Takashi. I’m more infamous or famous than my father within the clan. And while they are apprehensive about following a woman, the fear of Kitsune outweighs their male ego. This is good because anyone who follows me needs to put their egos and patriarchal views aside.

I’d never expected to run into the cop from the protest after meeting with five of my clan that runs things in Chinatown for us. And why I say ran into, I mean literally. That man is solid. And he’s flirty and sexy. I’m digging it. I’m also digging his hair down like this. It’d been under his cap when I saw him last, so I assumed it was short like so many other cops I’ve met.

The scruff on his face was hot too, can imagine how it would feel on my thighs. But the only thing distracting from how hot he looks is the dark circles under his eyes. Something is obviously weighing on him. And I want to ease whatever his troubles are. To lighten his load and make him feel better. It was strange to feel this way. 

And even though a meal with a cop is the last thing I should do here, I am sitting at Sam’s Grill with him. I felt uncomfortable when the subject of my parents was the topic. But the way his hand fit with mine and how that smile made my heart flutter was different than anything I’ve ever felt.

Not like I can tell him I’ve been raised to be a killer, to be an assassin for a yakuza clan. I can’t explain that while to him going to see his parents means being doted on and overfed, it’s the total opposite for me. Even when my brother was alive, I wasn’t doted on in that sense. My father pushed me harder than everyone else in the clan to be stronger, faster, more deadly, and of course, smarter than the rest. 

So I switched the subject to his family. Glad to talk about his family. Especially after realizing they own the Jade Dragon. He ran his hand through his hair, pulling it back away from his face, obviously embarrassed by his family. Even embarrassed, he looks hot. “So you’ve been? Should I apologize for my mother fussing over you or your friend? Or worse for my father, probably staring at your chest when she’s not looking.” he laughed, rubbing the back of his neck.

I laughed because when he mentioned looking at my chest, his rich espresso brown eyes were darkening as they looked down at my chest. I know the romper I’m wearing could be zipped up high, but then my tits would feel squished. I prefer my romper zipped just high enough to contain them. Sure it gets me plenty of looks, but I own being sexy.

“You mean like how you are now?” I smirked, ignoring the waitress as she set out our beers. He laughed, shrugging a shoulder. “You caught me. But honestly hard not to. They are on display. If you don’t want me to look…” he started to speak, but I interrupted him with a narrowed look. “I should dress more conservatively?” I scoffed. “I was going to say just tell me, and I’ll do my best to stop looking at such perfection.” he smirked. 

I sighed. Now it was my turn to be embarrassed. “Sorry. I’m used to being told I should dress properly. And often, it’s said in the same breath of implying my mother would be disappointed to see how I turned out.” I frowned.  “And if it’s not my father berating me for dressing improperly, it’s that dumbass Shinobu.” I rolled my eyes. I really hate Shinobu. Prick deserves that broken wrist. And I’m rather proud that I broke his dominant hand. 

Hibiki frowned, reaching across the table, grabbing my hand, engulfing my hand with his warm one, rubbing his thumb across the back of my hand. “First, no one can control how you dress but you. Well, and public decency laws. So I recommend saving public nudity for designated places like nudist beaches or colonies.” He laughed softly, but he was serious. “Second, screw your dad, especially if he tries to leverage your mother’s memory to make you confirm. And I don’t know who Shinobu is to you, but he can go fuck off too.” he smiled.

“That’s the consensus, at least for people whose opinion I care to listen to.” I smiled. “Oh, does that mean I fall into that category? So quickly.” he laughed, letting my hand go as Donna set our food in front of us. “Maybe. Despite that you’re a cop, I’ll admit I feel a connection. But that could be because you're hot and I’m horny. Been a whole….” I glance at my watch. “Seven hours since I last got laid.” I chuckled. 

He laughed, whistling. “Seven whole hours? Somehow I’m not the least surprised that you’ve gotten laid so recently. Lucky guy.” he sighed. “Guys, but thanks. You make it sound like you haven’t gotten laid in a while.” I teased using the vinegar on my fish. I was waiting for some comments at my correction that I’ve been with multiple partners. But he said nothing, just dug into his burger. 

“A month.” he said after a couple of bites. “A month?” I raised an eyebrow, not sure what that meant. “That’s how long since I got laid.” he shrugged, popping a fry into his mouth. I laughed. He didn’t. He just looked at me with a straight face. “Wait… seriously? I doubt that.” I scoffed. I noticed how our waitress checked him out, even if she was asking about someone else. 

“No, I'm serious. I’ve just been busy with work. And with this new case, I got handed a few days ago, that won’t be changing anytime soon.” he sighed before taking a long drink from his beer. It now made sense why he looked tired and needed to release pressure. “Oh, that bad? Sorry to hear. However, it would help if you took time to relieve stress. Sex is a great way of doing that, you know.” I smirked, picking up the longest fry in the pile, and slowly slipped it into my mouth.

I laughed as he groaned, licking his lips, eyes darkening as they focused on my lips. “Oh fuck. That’s not fair. And the fact I’ve seen you deepthroat… damn, these pants feel too tight.” he shook his head while adjusting his pants. I laughed as I licked the salt from the fry from my lips. 

“That you did. And maybe if you play your cards right, I might be willing to rest your counter and help you relieve whatever stress this new case has you under.” I winked. “And have I been playing my cards, right?” he asked, taking the last bite of his burger. “So far. Think you could actually handle me?” I arched an eyebrow. “I think I can. Or I like to think I can. You seem to be more into multiple partners. But like I said before, my cuffs are at home. Be happy to use them unofficially.” he winked. 

Squeezing my thighs, I bit my bottom lip, remembering what I’d thought about when we locked eyes after the protest. Having him put me in cuffs and fuck me hard while reading me my rights. “Will you read me my rights too?” I teased. “Only if you waive the right to remain silent. I would want to hear even the softest breathy moan you’d make.” he whispered, leaning across the table, his voice husky and making me want to get the check.

“Check!” I called out on impulse. I am so fucking this man. I don’t care that he’s a cop. He’s hot, and something about him is pulling me in. And I’m not one to ignore my intuition. He laughed, sitting back in his chair as Donna rushed over with the check. “Done already? Well, you two, have a good day. And remember to tell Rickie to call me.” she pointed at Hibiki with her slender finger. 

“Yeah, I’ll remind him.” Hibiki nodded, rising and pulling out his wallet at the same time I was getting money out of my purse. “Lunch is on me, Goddess. Dessert is you.” he winked, putting down cash. I laughed, shaking my head, closing my purse standing up. “Then I suggest you lead the way back to your place, handsome.” I smirked, taking his hand. 

He really didn’t live that far away. I must have run into him maybe a block from his apartment. The second after he hit the button for his floor, he had me pressed against the elevator wall, his lips on mine in a hungry kiss. Holy shit, the things this guy can do with his tongue. I can’t wait to have it used on a different set of lips.

His hands were roaming over my curves as I dug my fingers into his hair, tugging at the strands wanting more. All too soon, the elevator door opened with a chime. Neither of us seemed inclined to stop kissing as his hands grabbed my thighs and lifted me. I obliged, wrapping my legs around his waist and arms around his neck, moaning into his mouth as he carried me out.

I groaned as he slammed me into a door. “Sorry…” he murmured his apology. “Don’t care. Like it rough.” I responded by pulling his lips back to mine while he blindly unlocked his door. I laughed as we stumbled in, and he tried to kick his shoes off at the door. “Akio…” he groaned as we stumbled, and I landed with my pack on his sofa.

“Yūri.” I corrected him. “Huh?” he asked, his mouth moving down my neck. Crap, I just realized I gave him my middle name. “Lower…” I moaned, arching against him, trying to distract him. It apparently worked because he didn’t ask anything more, just kept kissing down my neck to my chest. I heard his appreciative groan as he kissed between my breasts, unzipping my romper. 

I pouted when he pulled away, Hibiki smirking down at me. “Don’t worry, I’m far from done worshipping you, goddess.” he winked as he helped me out of the romper, leaving me completely naked. “Fuck do you ever wear underwear?” his voice was husky as his dark eyes took in every inch. “They just get in the way.” I shrugged, licking my lips, eager to get him naked too. 

I thought he’d come back to me, but he walked across the room instead. “Hibiki?” I frowned, watching him. I got my answer as he turned around after grabbing something from a drawer in his kitchen area. A smirk spread across his lips as he held up the shiny metal handcuffs. Oh, fuck yes. This is going to be fun.

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