Chapter 16 - Yūri

His mother is adorable. I was snickering as he was quick to lead me away from the tea house and to his car, or I should say jeep. It seemed fitting. He didn’t come off as the type to drive a sports car or some muscle car. I also can’t see him driving a van either. So the red jeep was fitting.

“Your mother is adorable.” I commented as I carefully hopped into the jeep. Moving in this kimono isn’t the easiest thing in the world. One of the reasons I don’t like wearing them. Really hard to run, let alone fight, when wearing one of these damn things. But apparently, Hibiki likes how I look in it, so point to the kimono. 

“Don’t encourage her.” he sighed as he pulled away from the curb. I laughed. “It’s sweet, though. She wants her little boy to find a nice Japanese girl and settle down.” I


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