Without much of an effort, Shamma stretched out her right hand and defied the law of gravity. Xavier could only but stare at the stagnant sword inches away from his neck. Rob just glared at the same incident face registered with shock.He was at some point quite sure someone was going to die, but the odds were now fully stacked against him. Shamma twisted her hand, and in the same manner the sword turned, its tip now fully facing a stunned Rob

"Please, please dont kill me it was not my idea plea..." but before he could say more his sword flew towards him piercing through his chest.He gasped for air as he sunk to the ground but it was too late. He died.

Xavier upon seeing what had just happened could not move either.The events of that very night were becoming too heavy for him to bear such that he ended up letting the darkness envelope him.

"Xavier!" Shamma screamed running towards him

"Xavier get up, Xavier!" she screamed but his eyes would not open.It was

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