Chapter 63

"Both of you, stop there!" 

Both Aiden and Kyle stopped walking as they heard Sanaya. 

"We really don't know anything, please believe us." 

Sanaya had already asked them and they meticulously lied to her but their words couldn't make her believe them. 

"You guys stay with him all the time, there's no way you guys don't know about it." Sanaya walked to them. Thankfully Nick was asleep so she could ask his subordinates. 

"Mrs. Davis, we really..."

"Please tell me... I can tell something is wrong and if I don't know what is it then I can't do something about it."

Kyle gaped at Aiden as she said so. Some days ago they were fighting to tell her and now, they were silent. Their hands were bound.

"Sorry, we can't really tell you."

"Why can't you? I am his wife, why can't you tell

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Harshita Sharma
nice story i was waiting to get it updated
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Ronda Workman Wellman
Great update!! Still want to know if he really cheated on her. I was thinking he didn’t am I wrong author?

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