Chapter 87

At Night

Downstairs, everybody was busy gossiping. A wonderful time they spent together. In the room, Mona handed her a paper and explained, "Here's the DNA test result you asked for."

Thankfully, two days ago Sanaya already found out about the real reason Yehan sent his men to kill him.

"Sis Sanaya, are you really going to talk to him alone? I mean he is a dangerous man, what if... " Mona sounded worried. She knew what Sanaya had planned of doing next.

"He won't hurt me, don't worry," Sanaya exclaimed.

"Why don't you take me with you? I am worried if... You know he doesn't care about his son so..."

Suddenly Sanaya touched her head. Mona was startled. She had mostly been scared of her, though nowadays she was like a friend to her but one day Sanaya would treat her like a family, which she never imagined.

Sanaya dabbed her head and smiling at her she blurted out, "Don't worry, I will take care of myself. You just stay here with them, don't let them know where am I? Ok?"

"Hmm ok. Pleas
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