Chapter Twenty-Three

I hear the back door opening causes me to wipe my tears away and move so my back was against the door. I didn't want Anthony to come in and see me crying over Adam. Not long after the back door opened the playroom door behind me slowly opens, I continue to play with Amelia to try to make it seem like I didn't notice he had walked in. I hear him mumble "I need to make a call" to himself before he walks away leaving the playroom door open. I put all of Amelia's toys out for her to play with, I quietly get up and walk out the playroom walking down the hall. I walk up the end of the hall, where I don't see Anthony but I hear him shouting, probably down a phone, I wanted to stay to listen but Amelia crying prevents me from doing so.

I quietly and quickly run back to the playroom where she immediately giggles, she probably didn't want me to leave her alone. I smile a little but faintly in the background

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