Chapter Twenty-Four

I woke up early, making my way downstairs hoping my parents would be having breakfast, I always miss them as they wake up super early every morning, way before I climb out of my bed. I walk into the dining hall to see them both sitting at the table eating, they look up surprised to see me. 

"I was worried you would already be gone," I say, holding the teddy behind my back so they couldn't see it.

"This is great Savannah, why don't you take a seat and get something to eat? " my father asks with a smile, but I shake my head smiling. 

"I'm not hungry, I just wanted to show you something maybe you'd be able to remember more about it then I do," I say, they nod as I pull the teddy out from behind my back, they both hold their hands to mouths my mum tearing up. 

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