Chapter Two

After morning form, James and I start our journey to maths, it being the subject I was good at makes people think I enjoy it, just because I'm good at it doesn't mean I like it! I slowly make my way into the classroom sitting at my seat at the back of the class, James sat on one side of me and Tom, one of Charlie Wilson's friends, sat on the other side. Charlie and his friends are said to be one of the meanest people going, but Tom was actually nice well to me, he didn't like James. I pull my books out waiting for the teacher to start talking, just as Tom takes his seat beside me.

"Morning Miya still stuck with him" he smiles, but points over to James who sat beside me. "You know if you want me to get rid of him, I will," he says, I just laugh shaking my head as James spoke up.

"You and what army?" he mumbles, trying to stick up for himself, I don't know how this whole hatred thing started, but it's still going strong!

"You don't wanna know" Tom smirks, I shake my head sitting up so they couldn't see each other, hoping that would stop the arguments maybe just for even 10 minutes.

"Miss Turner, may I see you after class?" The teacher asks, I just nod a little confused I haven't done anything wrong.

"Oh Miya, what have you done?" Tom asks, I just give him a look shaking my head once again. "Did you cheat on a test? Or key his car?" he asks, I laugh once again shaking my head at him.

"How did you go from cheating on a test, to keying his car?" I ask, he just shrugs his shoulders also laughing "do I look like a girl who would do anything like that?" I ask, James went to speak but Tom holds his finger up stopping him.

"I don't know, you know when some person does a really bad thing, people always say they never thought they'd do anything like that" he points out, I just sigh shaking my head looking back at the front of the class.

"Don't worry Miya, it's probably nothing" James reassures me, but Tom just shuts him down immediately.

"If it was nothing why would he wanna talk to her? Think before you speak James" Tom tells him, I laugh at the two before getting back to my work.

The lesson drags on, the whole time Tom and James were going back and forth about random stuff. I wave goodbye to James and eventually Tom, once everyone left Mr Jones finally looks up from his desk.

"I'm just gonna get right to it cause I have another class, you are one of my best students which would make you perfect to be a tutor, would you be interested in torturing another one of my pupils? He's in your year" he asks, okay that was a lot of information all at one time.

That's gonna mean more work! I mean I'm good at maths but that doesn't mean I want more work to deal with! But then again this could bring my grade higher, which would benefit me more in the long run and it probably won't be for long, maybe a few hour sessions.

"Okay" I smile, he thanks me telling me I had to come to his room tomorrow at lunch, I wave goodbye and make my way to English, another subject I love, note the sarcasm.

I finally reach my English class, which annoyingly was on the opposite side of the school, whoever made my timetable hates me! Once I walk in the whole class turns to look at me, giving me attention that I didn't want or need. I was about to tell the teacher why I was late, but she spoke before I could.

"Tom already told me about Mr Jones, just take your seat" she smiles, my eyes soon dart to Tom who sends me a wink, but then slowly drift to the person beside him, Charlie Wilson.

He held my gaze for a second also sending me a wink, I look down making my way over to my chair, which was unfortunately directly in front of his. Once I sit down everyone else gets back to what they were doing, but I felt eyes burning holes in my back.

"So Miya, what did Mr Jones want?" Tom's voice asks, I turn around sending him a weird look, I make sure my eyes remained on him and not Charlie.

"It was nothing" is all I say, before I could turn back around again Tom speaks up, I mean I like how he's nice to me but not when he's near his terrifying friend.

"Don't tell me I'm gonna have to tell you what I told James if it was nothing he wouldn't want to talk to you" he smiles, I just roll my eyes which look at Charlie for a second, whose eyes were staring at me so intently.

"Just about some tutoring thing, it's not that exciting" I finally tell him, he just shakes his head as Charlie starts to speak.

"It kept me entertained," he says, my eyes move to his where I send him a little smile and finally get to turn around.

Where the burning holes in my back wouldn't go out, I even heard him ask Tom what our deal was. I for one don't like where this is going.

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