Chapter 2: “One americano, please”

Nine years have passed since I left Manila, and it's been over a year already ever since I came back. I started my own business. My dream business ever since I was only sixteen. Mama called while I was at the café.

“You're staying at your office. It's not even safe that you have no one around you!” she exclaimed.

Here we go again. I'm doing my best to find a place to live okay? It's just that I'm not comfortable with apartments. I have a couch in my office. This is my workplace. I have my bathroom here. My locker. Isn't it enough, for now? I can afford a place in one of the condominiums here near the café, it's just that, I want something that would make it feel like home. Comfortable.

“Ma, I'm contented here already. My office is like my room, and this café is like my home. I'll go now. I still have to help them prepare since we're filled with customers. Gotta go, bye I love you!” I said and turned off the phone.

“Tita Zel? Well, Tita's right. You should find a house to live in not treating this café as your house.” Mich said as she was placing the strawberry chocolate cake I asked her on the table.

She has a bakeshop called, "Muppet's Sweet Treats" and I order from her. But, not the strawberry chocolate cake. I made it myself. Yes, I bake too. We both like crochet as well.

“Chi, I told you already. I am not comfortable. It just doesn't feel at home,” I said while eating and focusing on my food.

“You really don't have plans marrying someone, don't you?” Krys asked as she was eating too. 

“No. I'm contented with my life already. I don't need that just to be stable and happy. I'm happy already. You both know me well. Especially you, Chi. You know how careful I am with people I get to socialise with. I just wanna feel free this way. I have customers, you two. I have to help Mari, Kendra, Zeke, Yuno, Chlode, Lizy, and Sev too. I'll leave you guys here for a while. Be right back.” I stood up and went out, left those two. 

Hours passed, finally the café calm a bit down and those seven. I went back inside my office again and saw smiles on their faces looking at me queerly. I'm telling you, they're up to something and I know I won't like it.

“Spill. What is it? The truth or else I'll kick you both out of this café,” I said and faced them seriously.

“Sheesh. Like what Taylor Swift said, "You need to calm down". Tita Zel called—” I cut Mich off immediately. “Chi, please don't tell me you answered it.” Both of them were grinning. Shems. This is hell.

“Then she won't,” Krys answered making me want to push them off a cliff. “She said, she said she knows someone whom you can stay with. I said you agreed. Welcome. I love you.” I cursorily stood up. I wanna kill 'em. Aigo! How did I even end up being friends with them?!

“You said I said what?!” Then mama called again. “Maesea, Cezi told me you can move there tomorrow. I'll forward you the address.” I don't even want to!

“Ma, look, Chi just told you—” I got cut off by her. “I hope you two get close. I know both of you can help one another. I love you take care.”

I faced the two as they were smiling at me "innocently". I got my bag, took my helmet, and pulled them out of the office and told my staff I'll go somewhere else. I pulled them both out of the café.

“You're really kicking us out of the café?” Mich pouted. “Stop it. It doesn't even you,” I said causing her eyebrows to furrow.

“Where we goin' then?” Krys asked as she was looking for her car keys. Yeah, she knows they'll be going with me.

“To buy things for me, because I'll be staying at someone else's house for a while?” If only they don't live with their parents then maybe the three of us were renting an apartment.

“So you'll really go?!” Mich exclaimed strenuously. “Do I still even have a choice wherein she already told her that I agreed to stay there? This is both of your faults. How to kill a friend without having sins?” They just laughed at me and pulled me towards the parking area. I wore my helmet and started my big bike.

We went to the mall and decided to eat first. “I'll get fries with a cheeseburger, 1piece chicken, a box of chicken nuggets and a float please,” I said.

While Mich picked “2piece burger steak, large fries and sundae please.”

And Krysyle asked for, “1piece chicken, large fries, burger and float for me, thank you.” I paid for our food of course because it's my turn treating them.

As we were eating, Mich asked, “Who'll you be staying with?” I don't know. “I think it's a guy. Since, lately, tita wanted your heart to be happy so you could marry,” Krysyle said as she was sipping through her float.

“Uhh...NO. I won't sleep inside a house alone with a guy. And my heart won't fall. Besides, papa doesn't want that. So, I'm safe.” I winked at them and they giggled.

After eating, we decided to buy clothes first. “Why don't you try this?” Krystal suggested as she was holding the red backless top.

“You know me. Pix, please. I'll be buying clothes for staying home not for a party. That feels like my soul can be seen already. No no-no.” While Mich showed me an oversized shirt. “Perfect. Thanks, chi,” I thanked her and winked at her.

Next, we went to "DIY" a store where you can get anything, minus the food. “I remembered I no longer have piping bags so here it is...” Mich and I both said in unison.

I also got cupcake cups and a round Llanera. I also bought a new toothbrush and towel. While Mich still picks from the baking aisle and pix were just following us and just picked up some treats and food for their dogs.

After paying, we decided to have fun for a little bit and watched at 5d. We decided to eat waffles too before going back to the café. It's 9:30 pm already when we got back to the café. There are still four customers left. And my staffs already cleaning since we close at 10 pm.

“Your staffs are tidy and hardworking. I'm glad you have them,” Michelle said as I was fixing up my office. “Ate Mae? Can we still take an order?” Lizy asked.

I looked at my watch and it's already 9:45 pm. I went outside and faced the customer. Shet. Kill me now, please. Why does he look so good? Calm down, heart. Costumer's order, please.

“Hey, are you the owner? Can I get just one coffee, please? I just really need it right now,” he asked politely. Sure. I mean, he asked politely so why not.

“Sure, so uhm what would you like?” I asked. “One americano please, thank you!” I prepared his americano and as I was about to give it to him, two lunatics came.

“What are you two doing here?” Mich asked while the two lunatics smiles sheepishly walking towards us. “I suggested him this café,” Levine said.

Levine Monroe is a childhood best friend of Huxley who's been a suitor of Krysyle for the past 10 months already. He pointed at this guy who ordered the americano.

I gave him his americano and smiled at him. Then shifted my sight upon the two. “I want a peaceful night. So please, can you both leave already?” I said.

I gave them their usual order and they just smiled. “I hope they don't teach you something bad,” I said with a loud voice intendedly.

“Hey, we're such good friends. You know that,” Huxley answered while grinning. Huxley Collimore is Levine's childhood best friend, who is also a senior high school best friend of Michane.

“No I don't, that's actually why I'm warning him. I'm just giving him a favour so he could back out from befriending with you guys,” I answered back as I received a pout from them.

Few more minutes when they finally decided to leave. The two started to rush towards me. I know where this is going. “So... What do you think about the guy?” Mich asked while smiling like a crazy person.

“He looks good? I mean, what do you even want me to say? That I have a crush on him? Oh please... I'm tired of those things already. That's off my vocabulary since what? Senior highschool? I just want a peaceful life. And living without being distress due to a man, full of books and wondering when will I own a cat is what I mean about a peaceful life. Now, please. Will you guys just get going already, since I'll be closing the café already and I'll go to sleep?” 

They actually—thankfully listened! “Yeah yeah... See you tomorrow. I'll bring some breakfast so you'll have the energy to pack your things for tomorrow. Goodnight, Mae.” Krys then waved and so as Mich.

I locked the gate of the cafe. Locked the glass door. Closed all the curtains and went inside my office, then locked my door. Yes. That's been me for the past 2months. I packed up my things.

I packed up my bags. I packed up some of my clothes and left 3 of my formal attire in my locker. Also, a pair of heels. Done. Ready for moving into someone's house for a while.

I still can't believe how mama asked her friend if I could just stay with her for a while. I slept at almost midnight. I just continued writing poetries over and over again since I have nothing else to do.

It's 6 am already. That's was a good sleep. I guess. I woke up early since I'll be "moving out", and the two promised to help me.

I took a bath for a while and dressed up with shorts, an oversized shirt and sandals. I also tied up my hair in a messy bun and wore just concealer and scarlet lip oil. I opened up the café and few more minutes, the two arrived.

“Another lazy day?” Mich asked, knowing me well. They prepared the food and the three of us ate at my favourite spot in the café. We went up above my office and ate there. Yes, my office has stairs leading up.

It's already 7:30 when I started to arrive one by one. “I'll leave you guys for a while. I still have to move in somewhere else. I'll be back here once I finish fixing up my things. Greet the customers a HeartSunFull morning,” I reminded them once more and left with Krysyle and Michane.

“U sure this is the place?” asked Krys who's really confused. Well, I am confused as well. “Here's the address. Check it if it's right,” I said and so Mich checked it and it was right.

“Maybe what she means about a house is a condominium since it is a house as well. Come on let's just go out,” I said and went out of Krys' car.

“Is the surname Hearts?” a hotelman asked with his polite gestures. “Yes, it is, nice to meet you.” He smiled and said, “Ms Sevani left some words to help you with getting upstairs. May I get your luggage, Ms Hearts?” And so I gave him some of the luggage and followed him to the elevator.

It's not some normal elevator tho. We took the one at back with its glass window that you can see the outside of the building and how high you are going up. How did my mom even meet such a luxurious woman and be friends with her?

The elevator stopped on the 49th floor. When it opened, It just made our eyes drop and realize how luxurious my house will be for the next few months. 

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