The next match began,and the people were excited.

The match was getting so interesting.

In the match,Lucy was the guardian.

She wasn't doing well,because she was busy show casing herself.

Instead of focusing on the game,her mind was on Reed.

He wasn't playing in this round,he wanted to watch.

Deborah was blocking some monsters from nearing Lucy.

Some monsters manoeuvred their way to get to Lucy.

Deborah and the girls saw this and tried to help her.

The other two were able to distract some monsters,while Deborah dashed to the rescue.

She was about to help her,when Lucy,who didn't want to loose sight of Reed,pushed Deborah from her view.

Deborah almost fell,but she maintained her balance.

Reed saw this and became angry.

Lucy was happy that she pushed Deborah away.

She turned to look at Reed,and saw his mood.

Seeing that he was angry,Lucy decided to act holy.

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