The king stood with the prince,Esther and the others.

He was disappointed with himself.

"I don't deserve to be called a king.

How could I have tortured an innocent girl,just because of the hatred I have towards her grandfather?".

The king was unhappy.

" Father pls!",the prince said,holding him.

"It's okay. were upset that's why.."

"No!", the king interrupted him.

" I did it purposely,because that old fool was involved in the matter ".

He lamented.

Esther held the king too and said," Father it's okay.

Don't blame yourself for what happened ".

" No!,I blame that Old man for his action!.

Both him and Lucy".

On hearing Lucy,Agnes,who stood with Lucy then said,"Don't blame her your majesty..,she was only helping Reed",she said innocently.

"Helping my foot!!", the king sparked.

Agnes and Lucy shivered in fear.

Then the king said,pointing his finger at Lucy," You false accu
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